Corner Time

One oft he things we have always practiced is corner time. It something that I have been doing and have associated with spanking and caning ever since I got into the scene. It just seems and lovely way to view your  handy work as a spanker and gives everyone a breather before everyday life starts again.

You can assign corner time before and after spanking or use on it own. We prefer using it after spanking, but then I guess the waiting in bedroom before a spanking has the same effect and we certainly use that. Bedroom time before a spanking certainly lets you reflect on the reasons behind the coming spanking as well as given you those sweaty palms and butterfly tummy I associate to the pre-spanking moments. One that I remember from earlier this afternoon. We have a couple of friends that use it on it's own as a time out, in the case the house is ruled by male and the female has habit of talking back, and they have used it successfully to reduce friction that this can cause between them.

Over the years I have employed the talcum powder trick to spot movement. If you are like us and employ a no rubbing and no movement rule this can be handy. Just put talcum powder on the floor around the person in the corner and any movement of the feet can be detected in the powered and another reminder spanking given. In the past this has worked a treat, especially if you have to leave the room and can't watch the person in the corner.

 For us corner time is vital and generally done nude in various positions and always with the red and often marked bottom on display. There is something humbling standing in the corner on display, even more so if friends are present that are into the same thing which happened to me at a dinner party some years ago, but that is another story for another day.

Story - A Heavenly Job

Another of those stories from the internet past. This one once again comes from the old usenet posts and first appeared, I think, back in 2000 in the group which sadly now filled with nothing but spam.

A Heavenly Job

Pamela settled into the comfortable leather chair. She was even tempted to put her feet up on the heavy oak table she sat behind. This is the life, she thought to herself. Two weeks with no rowdy teenagers and no assignments to mark. Surely this was as close to heaven as one could find in a teaching job.

(Picture Credit - The Montrose Academy)

Pamela reflected on the circumstances that had given her a dream job for two weeks. The principle had suffered a mild heart attack at the same time as the deputy principle was on overseas holidays. Pamela was an English teacher, not that long out of college herself, but her reputation for strict discipline had seen her given the job of stand-in principle until the deputy returned.

Pamela surveyed the room. St Gregory's was an up-market private school and Mr Clodfrey's office certainly reflected the school's high fees. Antique chairs and bookshelves added a plush, though turn of the century feel to the room.

Suddenly, Pamela spotted something above one of the bookshelves that sparked her curiosity - a cane. Pamela reached up and removed the cane from the board that it was displayed on. The principle must have left it there to deter would be offenders, though its use had been outlawed by politically correct governments years ago.

Pamela studied the cane. It was long and slender, with a traditional crook handle. Pamela was amazed that something with such a reputation as a harsh implement of correction could be so light.

She'd never been caned herself and wondered how it would feel. Curiosity got the better of her, and Pamela tentatively put out her left hand and lightly brought the cane down on her palm. That didn't hurt, she thought. I'd better do it properly if I really want to find out. Pamela lifted the cane again and brought it down with moderate force.

"Shit!" Pamela cursed aloud. A thin red line formed across Pam's palm. She shook her hand urgently, dropping the offending implement on her desk.

How did students take such a punishment? I wasn't even doing it that hard. Probably badly, she considered, rubbing her burning palm. They probably bawled their eyes out. No wonder students were much better behaved back then.

Pamela visualised one of her cockiest students bending over the desk, bottom up for the cane. She visualised herself holding the cane high, then bringing it down hard across his pants while he begged for mercy. Those were the days, she thought.


Pamela slammed down the phone in disgust. She knew her husband did not appreciate calls at work, but he didn't have to be so damn rude. Colin hadn't shown the slightest interest in how she was handling her first day as acting principle. He knew she was nervous about it, but had been more interested in writing some stupid report than hearing about how she was going.

Pamela loved her husband, but he could be so damn inconsiderate at times, and especially so when he was stressed. Pamela was so angry she could scream. As fate would have it, she looked down and spotted the cane, still lying on her desk where she had dropped it.

Maybe that's what he needs, she thought with an amused smirk. A good caning would certainly get his attention. Six of the best right across his naughty bottom. Pamela reached forward and picked up the cane, getting right into her fantasy.

She swished the cane through the air, captivated by the sound it made. She pictured Colin bent over her table, pants at his ankles as she administered the caning he richly deserved. Pamela was shocked by the realisation that the powerful image was not only appealing, but incredibly arousing.


Colin was cutting up vegetables in the kitchen when Pamela finally got home. She'd had to work later than usual, meeting parents and dealing with troubled staff. It seemed being in charge wasn't quite the heaven she thought it would be.

Pamela walked into the kitchen and put her arms around Colin's waist, hugging him tightly as he worked. Colin leaned back and nuzzled her cheek. She always loved it when he did that.

Pamela was still a bit angry at Colin, though it seemed a little trivial now. Still, she wasn't going to let him off that easily. Especially since she'd been staring thoughtfully at the cane on her desk most of the afternoon.

"You know you were pretty rude to me on the phone today dear husband," Pamela said into her husband's ear.

"Yes, sorry about that. I was really busy. That report's really important," her husband replied, still cutting vegetables.

"Well my job is important too. You knew it was my first day. You've been making a habit being inconsiderate lately, and it's a habit you'd do well to break." Pamela paused. "Or I might have to take some drastic measures," Pamela added ominously.

"What are you talking about?" Colin asked in a concerned tone.

Pamela dropped her voice to nearly a whisper and gripped Colin tighter around the waist. Just the thought of what she was about to say was exciting her.

"I'm acting school principle now. Do you know what that means?", Pamela asked.

"Not really," Colin replied, struggling to understand his wife's meaning.

"It means I'm responsible for disciplining naughty boys all day," Pamela felt Colin tense as she spoke. "I have a cane for naughty boys' bottoms. It stings like the devil I'm told," Pamela paused to let the words sink in. "I'd hate to have to bring it home to deal with bigger naughty boys," Pamela lied. Actually, the idea was quite appealing.

"You can't be serious," Colin asked incredulously.

Pamela unwrapped her arms from around Colin's waist and took a step backwards. Colin looked over his shoulder at her, eyes wide with surprise.

"If you keep up your habits you'll find out just how serious I am naughty boy," Pamela replied, giving Colin her most stern tone and a look that she normally reserved for the classroom.

Pamela then lifted her hand back and smacked Colin's bottom hard through his sweat shorts.

"Oww! What was that for?"

"That was just a sample of what to expect if you don't shape up. I'm going to take a shower now. I advise you to think about lifting your game, and how the cane might feel if you don't!"

Pamela walked into the bathroom, her heart beating fast at what she'd just done. She was breathless with excitement. Her normally strong willed husband had proved as easy to handle as a errant schoolboy. Pamela knew that she had to go the full monty.


Pamela was having a rotten day. First, she'd had to deal with three students caught vandalising a convienience store. A reporter with a local newspaper had even rung her to find out what was happening at the school.

Then she'd had to put up with an abusive parent who was convinced that the school's teachers were responsible for his poor grades, despite the student's history of poor performance and discipline problems stretching back over a decade.

It was nights like this that Pamela liked to go out for dinner with her husband. A good bottle of red and some care free romantic dining could wash the weight of the world away. She decided to ring her husband to organise dinner at a nice Italian restaurant they frequented.

"Pamela, I told you I had meetings all day today. What do you want?" her husband answered the phone abruptly.

"Well hello to you too!" Pamela snapped back.

"Oh sorry," Colin mumbled, suddenly remember what his wife had said the previous week.

"So you should be. I've had a terrible day and now you can't even be civil to me for thirty seconds out of your oh so important day. Well when you get home tonight we'll see if the cane can't teach you to be a little more sensitive!"

"But Pamela," Colin implored.

"No arguments mister," Pamela immediately replied in the same tone she used with students. "unless you want a dozen instead of six. Enjoy sitting down through your meetings. You won't be sitting tomorrow!"

Pamela hung up. She felt a huge sense of relief, like something that had been brewing for months finally was going to have a resolution. She fondled the cane on her desk thoughtfully. The images of what she wanted to do came stronger now, and were even more exciting to her.


The school secretary winked at her when Pamela walked out of her office with the cane under her arm. Pamela blushed and tried to get out of the building as quickly as possible without running.

Pamela wanted to be home well before her husband today. She had a few ideas on how to prepare for her husband's caning that would make sure he didn't offer more than token resistance.

Once home, Pamela prepared the outfit she was going to wear to Colin's demise. She carefully selected a white lace blouse and her shortest black mini-skirt. Pamela put her hair back and donned her reading glasses. Her highest black heals completed the look - sexy but stern.

Pamela knew from dealing with errant schoolboys that she'd have to take Colin out of his comfort zone to make him submit to her cane. Her husband had probably spent the afternoon deciding how he was going to tell his wife that 'there is no way he was going to let her cane him'.

Pamela moved the desk from the study into the lounge, placing the cane prominently on top of it. It was the first thing her husband would see when he walked in. She placed a straight backed chair from the kitchen behind the desk. Now she waited.


Colin's mind ran through what he was going to say to his lovely wife as he slowly walked up the front stairs. He was going to put his foot down and say that there wasn't a chance he was going to let her cane him. He was far too old for such a punishment. Besides he was the man of the house. He was in charge!

Colin was astonished at what he saw when he walked into the lounge room. His wife was sitting behind a desk in the middle of the room. She was staring at him - eyes thin and piercing. What was even more astonishing was the long thin cane on the desk. Colin couldn't take his eyes off it!

"Glad you finally made it home Mr Phillips," Pamela barked as she slowly rose from behind the desk. "I've half a mind to increase your punishment for being late." Pamela knew that this threat to increase his punishment would reduce his resistance to what he already had coming to him.

Colin finally lifted his eyes from the horrible wooden implement lying on the desk. His wife looked stunning. Her short skirt and high heals emphasised her fantastic legs. He'd never seen Pamela so stern and determined. All his schoolboy fantasies about his teachers came rushing back to him. His breath was short and perspiration began to drip down his forehead.

"Now Pamela, you," Colin began.

"Quiet! I've had quite enough of your excuses for one day," Pamela snapped in a determined voice. Pamela had found that tone was more powerful than volume when dealing with naughty boys, if used correctly.

Colin recoiled from his wife's voice. He was amazed at this transformation in his normally subdued wife. Even more disturbing to him was that he found it incredibly sexually exciting. She was in control, and he wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

Pamela picked up the cane on the desk and began to lightly tap it against her left palm, still eyeballing her naughty husband. Colin found his wife's newly found dominant side too arousing to watch and stared at the carpet, unable to think of anything coherent to say.

"Now young Mr Phillips, you find yourself in this position because you continue to be insensitive to your loving wife's feelings. As a long overdue lesson to you, I intend to cane you six times across your bare bottom. They will be hard strokes and I'm sure they will hurt a great deal."

Colin found the visualisation of what his wife intended to do disturbingly erotic, but horribly frightening. Colin had heard stories about the effects of the cane, though he'd never experienced it. Yet, he thought ruefully. He had to get out of this somehow.

"That's right. In a few moments you're going to bend over this table and be caned by your wife for behaving like a selfish schoolboy. Do you have anything to say for yourself young man before you bend over the desk for the sound caning you've earned?", Pamela asked, knowing she had her husband in the palm of her hand.

Colin's mouth was dry. His tongue felt swollen, his heart raced, his hands shivered, but his penis was rock hard.

"Ahh. I didn't mean to upset you," Colin replied weakly.

"That's 'No Mrs Phillips' to naughty boys like you," Pamela enforced her authority. She couldn't afford to offer her husband even a glimpse of a way out of this.

"No Mrs Phillips," Colin blushed and studied the carpet at his feet, feeling utterly humiliated, yet incredibly excited.

"Good. Now bend over the table. Now, don't just stand there," Pamela ordered.

Colin hesitated a moment too long and Pamela was at his side in a flash. She grabbed her husband by his ear and half-led, half-dragged him to the side of the table. He flailed his arms and protested but Pamela paid no attention.

"Right, that's just earned you an extra one. Now bend over," Pamela told her husband as she pushed down on his back. Colin reluctantly complied and bent submissively over the desk.

"Now it's time to bare that bottom of yours," Pamela said as she reached around and began to undo Colin's pants. This isn't going to be anywhere near as much fun as when she normally does this, Colin thought.

Pamela pulled down Colin's trousers and jocks down to hisknees. She pushed up his business shirt, then stepped back to admire the view. Colin was bent over the table, his face red with embarressment, while his white bare bottom stuck out nicely. She had to admit he did look rather cute in this position. Pamela was surprised to see Colin's penis was fully erect - maybe she wouldn't have any problems getting him in this position again.

She tapped the cane lightly on her husband's bottom. Pamela knew how much he deserved this caning and was determined to make it a memorable occasion. He might have a hard-on, but this isn't going to be an erotic game, at least not for him, Pamela thought wickedly.

"You will stay in position at all times. If you try to get up before I give you permission, I'll give you extras. Understood?"

"Yes, Mrs Phillips," Colin replied miserably.

"Good. Now prepare yourself. This is going to really going to sting, but you really need this. I think you've needed it for quite some time."

Pamela raised the cane high, then brought it down hard right across the middle of Colin's bottom.

Swish.... TWACK!

Colin felt a burning hot line of fire across his bottom. Then, to his horror, the burning increased. The pain was intense - like a line of needles had been stabbed into his bottom. He gaspedin agony, but was too shocked to say anything coherent. Pamela noted with satisfaction the expression on her husband's face. He certainly felt that, she thought to herself.

Pamela paused a few seconds, then raised the cane again. She brought the cane down again, just as hard as the first stroke. She aimed just slightly below the thin red line that had instantly appeared on her husband's bottom after the first stroke.

Swish.... TWACK!

"Ooowwww!" Colin could not help but yell out as the cane struck another line of fire across his bottom. His fingers clawed at the desk. He shut his eyes tightly and fought to remain still, his wife's warning still fresh in his mind. There was no way he wanted to earn extra strokes. He wondered how didn't be able to take another five strokes like that.

Pamela was impressed with Colin's self-control, but she knew that the caning wasn't even halfway finished. She would get to him yet. It was time to up the stakes.

She raised the cane again, higher this time, and brought it down again. Pamela struck harder this time, at the lower, less protected part of Colin's bottom, just before his thighs began.

Swish.... TWACK!

"Yeeoow! Oh please, please," Colin cried out. His bottom felt like it was on fire. Even more embarressing, he could feel the wetness around his eyes. Colin was not one to cry easily, and certainly not from pain, but he'd never felt anything like the sting of a cane across his bare bottom.

"What was that, my naughty boy? Please? That should have been 'Please Mrs Phillips will you give me the rest of the caning I've earned!'" Pamela told her husband. "Remember, you got yourself into this predicament. Now hold still, just a few to go and it will be all over."

Pamela raised the cane again. She noticed the redness around her husband's eyes and the wide eyed helpless way he was looking up at her. This stroke would do it - take him over the limit and regress him back to a naughty schoolboy taking his licks.

She brought the cane down. Swish.... TWACK! She laid a new stripe at a slight angle across two of the others.

The effect was devastating on poor Colin. He let out a long screeching noise while he danced his feet against the floor, somehow hoping to expel the pain burning a fire in those red strips across his white bottom. Finally he made a couple of low coughing noises then stared down into the desk.

Pamela was already aroused, feeling more powerful than ever at making her husband submit in this way. Then she heard him sobbing softly, and her arousal magnified. She almost weakened. The desire to drag her husband into the bedroom to satisfy her growing need was strong. Perhaps he had learned his lesson.

But then Colin turned and looked at her, face still on the desk. His eyes were watery and he was still sobbing softly, but the look was expectant. She steadied her resolve. He expected her to finish, and finish she must.

"I see the cane is getting through to you. Are you going to be more considerate in future, or will I have to cane you every week?", Pamela asked her unfortunate husband. Pamela knew she needed to remain firm throughout this first caning to establish her authority.

"No! I mean no Mrs Phillips. I've learnt my lesson, really I have!," Colin begged his wife. The thought of a caning like this every week seemed unbearable.

"We'll see about that young man. Now, you've still got three to go. Don't think I'm going to let you off, because I'm not. Prepare yourself!", Pamela said.

Colin considered protesting, but his wife seemed very determined. There would be no escape. He put his head back down on the desk and gritted his teeth.

Pamela brought the cane down twice in quick succession. Two diagonal strokes across the centre of his fleshy bare bottom.

Swish.... TWACK! Swish.... TWACK!

Two new bright red lines formed instantly across her husband's bottom. Colin cried out with each stroke, barely managing to stay on the desk. "Yeeoow! Oh God! No more! Please! Yeeoow!", he cried as the strokes fell.

Then, finally broken, he burst into tears sobbing as he collapsed limply against the desk. Hot tears ran from his gushing eyes down into his mouth. Colin muttered how sorry he was, how wrong he'd been, and how much better behaved he'd be in future, in between loud tearful sobs.

Pamela was very pleased. She had not worn panties under her short mini-skirt and could feel moisture starting to drip down her legs. She mused thoughtfully to herself that perhaps headmistress was heaven in a job. She put the cane down on the desk. He didn't need the last stroke, and she'd thought of a nice alternative too.

She leant against the desk beside her very sorry husband, slowly stroking his hair and back.

"It's okay. You've been a very naughty boy, and your loving wife had to punish you for it. I'm sure that this won't be the last time you need some correction, but want you to know that I still love you very very much," Pamela whispered in her husband's ear she continued to stroke his hair. She continued to hold Colin until his sobs quietened down.

"You know, that was only six strokes. I still owe you another stroke," Pamela warned her husband in a sterner tone. Colin was traumatised at this awful news.

"Oh please, I've learnt my lesson. Really I have. No more, please," Colin begged for mercy.

"Well, are you going to give me any trouble again if I tell you to bend over the desk?", Pamela asked.

"No Mrs Phillips, I promise I won't argue with you again," Colin promised.

"Well you'd better not. Maybe I can spare you," Pamela said coyly. She lowered her hand to Colin's stripped bottom and began to rub it very lightly. She was surprised that she could feel the slight ridges left by the cane. She reached down in front of Colin with her other hand and began to stroke Colin's balls. His erection, which had disappeared completely during the caning, began to return. Colin was surprised at how good his wife's hand felt on his sore bottom. The fire at the back seemed to be fuelling a massive erection.

All too soon for Colin, Pamela stopped and stood up.

"Stand up," she commanded.

Colin stood slowly and tentatively, still looking slightly at the floor. He wasn't sure that he was out of the fire yet.

"I want you to sit on that wooden chair behind the desk," Pamela ordered.

"But it'll hurt!" Colin protested.

"Yes, but you can have the cane instead if you prefer," Pamela told him in a tone of voice that let Colin know she wasn't joking.

Colin leapt to action and quickly walked behind the desk. Slowly, gingerly, he sat on the chair, wincing as his weight settled. Pamela walked in front of Colin and stared thoughtfully into his still red eyes.

"Punishment is over, naughty boy," Pamela told her relieved husband.

Much to Colin's surprise, Pamela hitched up her mini-skirt and lowered herself onto her husband's still hard penis. She'd waited far too long for this, she thought to herself. She sighed as her harness pushed deeper into her. This definitely was she thought.

Colin was delighted with his wife's forwardness. His bottom burned sharply as his wife impaled herself to the hilt on his hard cock, her weight pushing his still burning bottom onto the chair. The contrasting sensations as his wife began to ride him quickly almost drove him straight over the edge.

Pamela felt his cock twitch inside her. She stopped moved and whispered into this ear. "I wouldn't come before I do, the cane is just behind me." Then she began to move again, long strokes that satisfied them both, pausing periodically to push her clit delightfully against his hard public bone.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Pamela came twice before Colin finally shot his load deep inside his wife. But the night was still young and this happy couple would see the sun come up together for the first time in years.


(c) Copyright 2000 May be freely distributed provided no fees are charged for access to this story and the copyright message is not removed.

Recent Additions

Now I have grabbed your attention with a picture of an unknown lovely lady with a lovely bottom, I can tell you of some recent additions to the blog.

If you haven't noticed there is now a way of contacting me through email, via a link at the side of the page. This link produces a form that can be filled in and your message is sent to me at the speed of light.

The other addition is a Twitter feed at the bottom of the column on the right of the main posting area's. I'm new to Twitter and it very lonely without followers, so if you have a account please add me, you can find my profile by following this link. The Twitter account is set up to post updates from the blog as well my general tweets. it would be great to get to know the people that follow the blog.


One item of clothing I have always loved the look of on a woman is a corset. The just make their bodies look so sexy and it never fails to give me an instant erection, which is not always a good thing if you are about to be spanked. 

In my opinion a corset is one of the most exciting and sensuous thing a woman can wear and unlike many clothes it suits women of all shapes and sizes. Just cuddling a woman to find she is wearing a corset has always been a turn on for me. Making love to a woman wearing a corset is a fabulous experience that I will never tire of. They just make women looks so sexy.

I also find it sexy to spank a woman in a corset as well be spanked by a woman weaaring one. On SpankingTube there is a couple called Barry and Belinda Spockings who have been into spanking since they first met. Normally it is Barry that gets the spanking but they do switch. The video clips they post that I love are those where Belinda wears a corset such as this one where Barry is being caned and milked by Belinda in a corset.

One of the other sexy things about a corset is the hint of restraint it brings into the bedroom, just by the way it tightly fits around the body and pushes up the breasts in an upward position. It is an amazing look and it is said to make a woman feel confident and feminine.

Pictures - Someones in Trouble

With apologies to Red at Consensual Spanking for borrowing some of his great picture finds, another picture post for you, this time the subject is woman that spank and the looks they give you. if you read Red's blog you will understand why so many of the pictures were sourced from his blog.

Any one that has been spanked by a woman, like I was on Christmas Eve for smoking in the house will know these and many more faces too well. They are the sort of faces that make your tummy turn, your hands fell clammy and your throat turn dry. In my case she wasn't sitting and she had a cane in her hand, but all the same the faces were the same.

All in the Picture

I was looking through Red excellent Consensual Spanking on the lookout for a good picture or two and I came across this gem taken from Clare Spanks Men. It is another of those pictures that could be used to base a whole story around.

Not sure what it is but this is one of those pictures that just makes you ask what going on. Why is the man rejecting such a beautiful pair of breasts. What is that look she has in her eye, you know it going to be some wicked thought, but what thought. Clearly he is going to get spanked, but why is he going to get spanked. Did he catch her dressing hoping for a peek at her naked body and then as we say in UK he was given an eyeful. One thing for sure he is bound to be more than embarrassed when he goes over the knee.

One thing about a picture like this, is that it is perfect for imagining all kinds of stories that could lay behind it. If you haven't yet checked out Red's Blog, Consensual Spanking, then do. It is full of wonderful pictures and more. Maybe in the new year I will feature a few more of my favorite blogs on the web.

Happy Kinky Christmas

Just a very small post to wish you all a very happy and kinky Christmas. I hope your stockings were filled with at least the odd sexy present or toy to bring cheer to the coming new year, I know ours were and we are going to have fun playing with them later on in the day.

This years stocking included, some new knickers, including a nice pair of spotted knickers for me (see picture), some new butt plugs, cock ring and a P-spot massager. In Miss Kinky's stocking was nice sexy knickers and bras, a new leather strap (slightly heavier than the one we use now), some corded anal beads and a Swan Cygnet vibrator, which I hope lives up to it's great reviews on the internet.

I hope you all got some nice kinky presents and that you all have a wonderful holiday period with lots of sexy fun, wherever you are. Happy Kinky Christmas readers.

Story - Mother-in-law Caning

 This story like so many others appeared on usenet newsgroups that so sadly seemed to get ruined once they were taken over by Google who seemed to lose interest in them. This one comes from the group soc.sexuality.spanking which sadly closed down a short while ago. It is a story by someone called Steve Caner who I'm almost sure posted using another name a few years ago, any way that aside I hope you enjoy the story.

Mother-in-law Caning

This is the first time I caned my friend's Mother-in-Law and it is one of the most memorable.  Dave, my friend had asked me to pop in occasionally to see if Jackie needed any help while he was away on business.

Jackie, my friend's wife came home after shopping with her mother rather upset.  I asked her the reason and she told me that he mother was seeing another man while her dad was away on business.  I told her that it was probably the same for him being lonely away from her mom.

She got more upset at the thought her dad might be two timing her mum because he just was not like that, as she put it.  He called home every night and even called up when there was no answer at home in the belief that Lynne would be at their place.

As it would be another ten days or so before Dave would be back from Zurich Jackie decided to persuade her mom to give up flirting and going behind daddy's back. 

Lynne was coming round for evening meal with her neighbour, cannot actually call it dinner, and Jackie was going to confront her with the issue.  I was rather apprehensive, as there was a certainty that an almighty falling out would occur and I did not want to be in the middle - cowardly I know but there you have it!

Lynne is a rather vivacious lady of 55 with real auburn hair and a 36D bust with a corresponding size 18 figure and looks very appealing in her smart work clothes and high heels.  If her, "look a-like" daughter wasn't married to my friend and she wasn't married to Jackie's dad I would definitely fancy her myself and her friend, a very similar but divorced and definitely "available" lady.

At six-thirty Lynne and Jane arrived.  Lynne was dressed in her usual flirty attire, straight skirt just above the knees, sheer stockings or tights, high heeled shoes, cream blouse and just the right amount of jewellery adornment and Jane dressed in a rather a shorter skirt and lower neck line on her dress than Lynne's otherwise both ladies were dressed for the kill.

Jackie finished preparing dinner whilst I poured out the drinks.  Lynne, Jane, and I chatted for about twenty minutes and then I poured another round of drinks.  Jackie called us to the table and we sat, ate, and chatted about things in general.  Jackie asked Jane what she thought about married people or those with serious partners "flirting" and "dating" other people.  Gulping back my mouthful of food and nearly choking I listened to Jane say that flirting, as she understood it, was Ok to a point and that point was in general a friendly retort, amusing anecdote or a friendly quip to pass time at work, while shopping or when introduced to someone new.  Flirting makes people happy as it strengthens there self-confidence and allows conversations to begin when there is no real reason to talk.  Taking a "flirt" further can be dangerous as partners might see another reason for it and actually dating a work colleague or another is out of the question unless it's a "drink with the guys at work".

In order to embarrass her mother Jackie then asked me what I thought about Lynne flirting and dating other guys when her dad was away on business.  I told her that my views we similar to Jane's and agreed it was both dangerous and hurtful.

Jackie then laid into her mom with all the reasons under the sun to stop her flirting and stop hurting dad.  I was rather taken aback when Jackie said to her mom that had if it been her flirting when she first started dating Dave and were engaged dad and her would have spanked and caned her for it so why shouldn't she be dealt with in the same way?

Lynne answered that by saying that she was her mom and daughters didn't treat their parents like that and secondly that she was a grown woman and adults don't get spanked.

At that point Jane butted in by telling Lynne that adults do get spanked and she regularly got a few cane strokes from her late husband when she upset him.  I then joined in by saying that Jackie will tell you that she often feels the cane across her behind and she might even show you her bottom where Dave gave her six strokes yesterday before he left for Zurich.  Shocked by this and rather embarrassed Jackie told her mom that she felt dad's spankings were good for her when she was younger and we agreed that a spanking or caning was better than long periods of not talking and sulking.

Jane was apparently quite surprised that Lynne had been 'playing' about and told her that she could do with a bit of old fashioned discipline to get her back in line.

I could see that Lynne was feeling trapped but this punishment and discipline talk between her daughter and her friend and she turned to me and asked if I agreed with them.  I told her that her actions were very naughty to put it bluntly and as she was acting like a spoilt child a spanking might be called for.

Lynne said that she was probably wrong to act as she had been and she would stop.  Jane asked her if she thought that stopping acting foolishly was Ok or if it had been Jackie would she have caned her.  Jackie jumped in at that point and said that Lynne would have had her bent over and caned her backside until she could not sit down.

Jane looked across to Lynne and asked if that was true and Lynne nodded in agreement. Jane then got up from the table, dragged her chair to the middle of the room, and told Lynne to bend over it.  Lynne at first refused but I told her a spanking was short sharp punishment and daddy would never have to know about it.

I was now getting rather excited and my penis began to get an erection, I'm sure Jane noticed it but she didn't say or do anything but she did make a point of brushing up against me with her left hand as she walked by to get her drink turning her head slightly and smiling.

Lynne walked up to the chair and Jane told her to place her legs about 18" apart and, keeping her legs straight, to grab hold of the seat sides.  Shuffling her legs apart Lynne stretched her upper torso over the chair back and grabbed the sides of the seat base.  Her backside was quite appealing as her skirt rode up her thighs revealing a pair of very shapely legs.  The high heels added to the tightness of the leg muscles and the parting of the legs added roundness to the buttocks now held tightly by the skirt and pants.

Jackie came into the room with the punishment cane.  I made it for Dave a couple of years ago from Kooboo cane, sanded so there were no bumps or unevenness and lacquered to avoid splinters and splits. The cane is very whippy when sliced through the air but very firm when it lands. Given enough effort the end can curl around the bottom and sting the far thigh but I don't think Dave hits Jackie that hard although I must admit I have done so on a couple of occasions and the woman I was caning really cried out.

Jackie told her mom to count the strokes she was getting and Lynne then asked how many. Jane stopped Jackie answering by saying that was part of the punishment and enough was when she decided she had enough.

Jackie then tapped her mom's backside with the cane and then raised it above her shoulder and brought it crashing down on Lynne's bottom.  She gasped and wiggled a bit and counted one then Jackie hit her again and again and each time she counted, two, three and jerked slightly at each stroke.  After six Jackie passed the cane to me and told me to give her another six strokes but as I approached Jane lifted the hem of Lynne's skirt and tugged it over her back revealing a pair of hold up stockings and a neat pair of patterned panties covering her bottom under a short underskirt.Jane lifted the petticoat and invited me to administer the six strokes.

I gave it all the force I could muster as I brought the cane down on Lynne's almost bare behind.  She lurched forward at the first and screamed out SEVEN! Then EIGHT and NINE and then sobbed for ten, eleven and twelve.

Jane took the cane from me, walked over, and rubbed Lynne's bottom before pulling the pants down to her knees.  Jane inspected the red stripes and rubbed them again before stepping back and giving Lynne's sore bottom another six strokes.

As Jane walked away, she rubbed her own bottom and winked at me then told Lynne to get up and get dressed.  Lynne sobbed and rubbed her behind as she adjusted her pants and skirt and then told Jane that she could do with a taste of the cane for her sleeping around.

Although Jane was about 8 years older than me and this was the first time I had met her I asked her out on a few dates and gave her a spanking over the knee on the first and a real hard bare bottom caning of 12 strokes on the 3rd date. We had sex after each episode and our, slightly loose, relationship lasted for about 9 months on and off with Jane getting the cane four or five times during this time.

Barry, Jackie's dad, never found out about Lynne's caning but I know she was caned about two weeks after Barry's return from the Middle East as Dave told me that he had lent his cane to her dad!

Age Old Intrest

Spanking is nothing new as a form of erotic fun and punishment. We all know too well what a place it holds in the history of Education and in Erotic Literature of the past. You just have to look at classic spanking novels from the Victorian era to know the hold it has over us and how it has become part of our culture and that of other nations too.

What has caused the sexualisation of a form of punishment must have something to do with human nature. I know to well myself, as do others I have spanked, the feeling of release it gives you, the feelings of bonding as well as the sexual excitement of being spanked. Then there is the whole power kick of spanking someone and the giving of power by being spanked.

It is all such a complex beast, but its hold on us that indulge in such practices is complete and part of us. Saying I couldn't be spanked or spank others would be like cutting my right arm off, in that I might live but I would be without something that is important to me. I don't know what others feel but that how it would seem to me.

Clearly the person that took the old black and white picture above knew the same feelings to, or at least understood other people had a interest in the subject. The way the picture works erotically and sexually is wonderfully. The shades and the use of the black and white medium is perfect. The contrast that shows the ladies bottom is just perfection.

I know some of my interest in spanking, that has always been with me, comes from reading comics where everyone seemed to get spanked, Victorian Literature and TV programmes. Spanking is just part of us and although I come from an age where spanking wasn't main stream and have entered age where it not common at all, I still find people younger and interested in the same subject. You just have to look at books like "The 50 shades of Grey" to see that.

I'm part of the last generation that faced the cane at school and even then it was hardly really used but in rumor. It the sort thing I heard about, but never knew anyone that had been caned.  It was there as a last resort, more than being practiced, but from those rumor I dream of spanking and being spanked. It is an interest in the past and something that is being taken into the future. Long live the pleasure and pain of spanking.

Spanking and Tears

For some people a spanking can make them cry and for other not, neither is the right or wrong reactions to spanking. We are all different and have different reactions to to things in life.

For me, however, there is something special about a crying woman. It is a sort of protecting thing that seems to be inbuilt within me. I just want to hug and protect them even if it was the spanking that I gave them for good cause that made them cry. I guess I want them to know they are still loved.

I never have given any kind of spanking without consent, even punishment spankings are defined by clear rules which have been agreed and discussed. They are given and received with love and trust on both sides and if they result in tears then reassurance and love is always given. 

I remember the first time I someone asked me to cane them until they cried I was very apprehensive about the whole thing until I realised that is what they needed and wanted. At that stage I had never been spanked myself and I didn't understand what it is like to let go of guilt through spanking. Now I understand their need and I'm glad didn't let my apprehension get in the way of giving her the release she wanted. I know it brought use closer together. Since then I have never been scared to spank someone to tears.

Some people are so stoic they never show their feelings or complain about their spankings. I have met and spanked someone like that. As yet I have never cried, but I have been close and I know I show my feelings while I'm being spanked, as for partner she has cried on a number of occasions. The thing is we are all different and that makes life so interesting. 

Wet Knickers

I know it is not everyone's fancy but I rather interested in water sports. I love the idea of pee play so finding that a girl had a damp patch on her knickers or being pissed on by a woman or even peeing on a woman.

It is another one of those things that goes back to my formative years, not that I was pissed on back then, but a general interest that was awoken in me back then.It was the day a girl asked me if I had seen her piss, which I hadn't, but it made me think what it would be like to see a female piss and more.

As the years went on I got to watch girl sitting on the toilet pissing, but somehow I never mentioned that I wanted to be closer to their piss. I just couldn't bring myself to tell them I wanted to be pissed on and in return piss on them.

I know I would enjoy the feeling watersports will bring. The closest I got is a  girlfriend  that seemed to joke that she would piss on me, not knowing that would fulfill my fantasy, but it never came to pass. I was left frustrated, still not knowing, but highly aroused by the idea.

I can image what it feels like and it gives me a massive erection when I read about it or watch videos about it. That feeling of some warm forbidden fruit falling on your body in the form of a golden shower of piss. It just such a turn on. I just hope it happens and exceeds all my expectations.

So now it is out and I have confessed to the world. You will have to watch this space to see if anything comes of it but it is great to be out. Who said blogging can't be liberating.

Mark of the Cane

When I was caning Miss Kinky on Thursday night I was reminded of my love of receiving and giving the cane. May it is being British that makes me love the cane so much but there is something special about this instrument of doom that I just don't feel for any other spanking implement. It just has the ability to be erotic and painful in so many ways.

From the caner point of view there is something satisfying about the cane. There is the feel of it and the power of the cane in your hand, the marks it leaves and the reaction that you get when it is well applied.

You know when you pick up the cane you have one of the ultimate spanking instruments in your hand. You can use it to cause a lot of pain or as an instrument of erotic pleasure. It all depends on how you use it. Hard well spaced strokes can cause you intended target to dread every stock, but fast rapid light stroke can tip the same person into subspace, a place to enjoy the ultimate pleasure. Picking up the cane gives you the power to deliver pleasure and pain, or both.

The marks you leave are as a caner are part of the art of caning. None of them should be high and none of the should wrap around the legs.  I get so frustrated seeing people think they can can on spanking tube only see them wrapping the cane. There is no need for it at all, it just requires a careful aim and practice and you can leave lovely marks on the bottom you are caning. One's they can get pleasure from later when they run there fingers of the marks you create.

Being caned is like nothing else, the anticipation followed by the burning pain feels like nothing else. A burning line of fire across your bottom, and if spaced right a pain that builds and builds with each stroke. Then there is the rubbing afterwards when you feel the marks left by the cane. You rub your fingers over them and you feel the ridges of each stroke. And finally you find a mirror and you put an image to the marks you have just felt.

The cane really is an instrument of choice for any spanker that really wants to feel or weld the ultimate weapon. I love using it and receiving it and it will never bore me. If you have never experienced it as spankee then seek it out just once and let me know how you feel. I love it bite of it on my bottom and the feel of it in my hand.

Pictures - Spanked Women

I like, many men, love the sight of a lovely red hot female bottom and here is collection I have put together from the internet. There nothing better than running you fingers of a well spanked bottom and feeling the heat. I think I have an idea who the owner of the first picture is, so I hope she doesn't mind I have posted it.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I know will never get bored of such a beautiful sight as long as I live. A fine red bottom is such a pretty sight to behold. Anyway another post spanking very soon and my love of the cane.

Story - Spanking My Naughty Boy

After yesterdays post I thought it would be nice to include a story about a more erotic sort of story so I have included this one from someone called KatieBadGrr. It comes from the days of the newsgroups, and in particular a group call that is sadly full of spam these days. 

Spanking My Naughty Boy

The last time I spanked my naughty boy I made him strip naked for me, while I leaned back against the headboard and watched. He blushed so charmingly as he slid his boxers to the ground, giving me just a peek at his long, lean back.
He was still blushing when he stood, his hands dropping to cover his erection, but only for a moment. He knows better than that. I crooked my finger just a bit, beckoning him closer, and he stepped to the side of the bed. He was nervous, I could see, very nervous. But he was excited too - that was impossible to miss.

I reached out my hand and stroked his cock lightly with my fingers, delicately, just along the under side. He shivered but didn't try to stop me. Ahh, such a good naughty boy.

His attention was fixed on my hand until I looked up into his eyes. He held my gaze a second or two, then looked down. The heat was coming off him in waves.

I drew my hand away, and slid my long silky slip up past my thighs. I patted my bare lap lightly, without saying a word.

I smiled as I felt the bedsprings compress, and he climbed awkwardly up to kneel at my side. Then my lap was warm and full, his weight pressing down on my thighs. His skin was almost hot to the touch, and I could feel his pulsing cock between us.

I ran my hands over his body, rubbing his cheeks, his thighs, and his bare back until he began to relax. I murmured soothingly to him, trailing my fingers up his spine, then letting my nails tickle down his back and over his bottom. He shivered uncontrollably and tensed, the muscles along his back and shoulders hardening before my eyes. I grinned. My naughty boy is helpless when I tease him.

I dug my fingers into the flesh of his ass, rubbing and massaging, until he unwillingly relaxed again. Resting my hand on his cheek, I asked if he was ready for his spanking. He nodded his head against the bed, but I wasn't satisfied. I asked again, scratching my nail lightly against his skin.

"Yes," he whispered in a strangled voice. I smiled.

I brought my hand down hard on the bottom of one of his cheeks, and then another right in the same spot. It stung, as I knew it would, and he jumped. Pushing him back down on my lap, I continued spanking - not too hard, but not softly either. His skin began glowing pink very quickly; my naughty boy has very delicate skin. I enjoyed watching the handprints form red, then fade into the background.

Once or twice I slapped his thighs, making him kick and gasp - he didn't like that at all, but I did. That's why I did it again.

Some men have buns of steel, so my hand gets tired very quickly trying to make an impression, but my naughty boy can't take all that much. He squirms and ouches over my lap, hating and loving it as my small hand crashes down over and over again on his tender behind. I can spank him for a very long time if I want to.

I could feel his hard cock pushing against my warm thigh with every blow now. "Don't come," I warned him softly. He whimpered but nodded, and I could feel him straining to keep himself from rubbing against me.

I fired off a few more smacks, but then took pity on him, and pushed him further over my lap so that his cock fell between my thighs instead of touching my skin. I let him rest for a few seconds, caressing his back and the back of his neck, running my fingers through his hair. I soothed his stinging bottom with my hands, hearing his whimpers turn into appreciative hums.

But I couldn't let him become too comfortable, now, could I?

I reached across the bed for the wooden hairbrush he had bought me but never felt. He stiffened as I rubbed the bristles over his sore, red skin.

"No," he whispered. I ignored him, trailing the bristles over his thighs, and back up to his ass. I tapped his cheeks lightly with the bristles.

"No," he said again. "I can't."

"Yes, you can," I told him, flipping the brush over so that the cool, smooth wood rested against him. He protested just a little bit, fidgeting over my lap until I tapped him softly with the brush. A few light spanks, then a few more, then a few just a little harder. Then a few very hard.

I let the brush rest again, and nudged his thighs apart with my hand. Slipping my fingers down beneath him, I let my nails play lightly over his balls. His entire body went rigid, and gasping moans escaped his mouth. Ahh, yes. I scratched at the insides of his thighs and rubbed between his legs, feeling his cock growing and straining between mine.

Then the hairbrush again, harder this time, and just a little faster. His bottom turned a glorious red, and I knew he couldn't take much more, my poor naughty boy. I tossed the hairbrush aside, spanking him with my hand again, much harder now, enjoying the sizzling heat coming off his inflamed skin. He bucked hard against my thighs, and I scraped my fingernails against his sensitive bottom.

Then I tangled my hand in his hair, and pulled. He came up easily off my lap, and I pushed him down onto his back on the bed. He was breathing hard as I kissed him, trailing my lips and tongue and teeth down his chest and belly. He groaned aloud as I reached his taut, aching cock.

I closed my lips around him, sliding his cock inside me, tasting him deep in my throat. Even a naughty boy deserves a reward sometimes.

The End

A Picture I Love

There are some pictures you come across on the the internet that give you that wow factor. Behind them you find a story in your imagination that just hits the spot in some kind of way. It the whole thing that makes it special and gets you asking questions.

It is a position that I have found myself in quite a few times now and I must say being caned my a naked woman certainly is a turn on for me. I get the biggest erection before the caning starts until my mind is snapped back from the naked form before me by the pain in my backside.

Normally such spankings when we are both naked are the good boy and good girl spankings. Something we have both been lucky enough to enjoy on our last two spanking nights. As can been seen from this entry in our respective punishment logs below:

Name:          Miss Kinky
Sex:           Female
Date & Time:   20:15, Thursday, December 06, 2012
Offence:       Good Girl Spanking
Punished By:   Kinky Guy
Relation:      Domestic Disciplinarian
Leniency:      None
Punishment:    Erotic hand spanking
               Pussy fingering until Miss Kinky cums
               A blow job as a "Thank you" for Kinky Guy.

Name:          Kinky Guy
Sex:           Male
Date & Time:   22:05, Monday, December 10, 2012
Offence:       Good Boy Spanking
Punished By:   Miss Kinky
Relation:      Domestic Disciplinarian
Leniency:      None
Punishment:    Erotic hand spanking

               Milking until Kinky Guy cums
               A pussy licking as a "Thank you" until Miss Kinky cums.

Unfortunately Miss Kinky's spanking isn't going to be a good girl spanking so there no chance of a all round naked spanking tonight. The naked fun will happen later after the spanking is done and we retire to bed, but I have been side tracked all because of a wonderful picture of two people having fun.

Masturbation Watching

One of the things I love to do is to watch my partner masturbate. Watching her body and her face as she cums is truly an amazing sight. She just looks so beautiful at that moment with her legs and body shuddering to a massive climax, followed by that moment when she comes down from a massive high.

One thing I have do with my partner now, and have done in the past, is to incorporate this passion I have for watching women masturbate into dominance and submission play. The idea being to get her to beg to cum through orgasm control and spanking.

A typical dominance and submission session starts with by having my partner undress in front of me, making her fold every item of clothing neatly and placing them on bed. Any item failing to be fold to my exacting standards resulting a swift smack to the rear. Once naked, I have her stand before me and order her to spread her legs. At this point I start an examination of her which generally involves playing with her breasts, her pussy and her ass hole which I expect to be clean for my pleasure later.

Once she is sufficiently wet I get her to masturbate for me standing with her legs apart. It is fun watching her trying to stand as she gets close to cumming but she never gets there until I'm ready. Just as I see her knees buckling and her pushing her hand harder into her pussy as she rubs it harder and faster I stop her. Then taking her over my knee I begin to spank her while telling her she can't cum yet.

She knows the penalty for cumming too early, by my side I keep the cane, and six hard strokes is the will come her way and her pleasure will be replaced with pain.

After the spanking, which just makes her wetter and more turned on we start on round two. Once again I order to masturbate for me and once again I stop her just before she is about to cum and spank her for a second time.

Onward the game goes, round after round, with a the addition of a butt plug to focus her mind, until she becomes desperate to cum. It always gets to the stage that she begins to beg. This is the point I love. The power to say yes or know or let her suffer a bit longer is a cruelly fun. Having the power to let her have her release or not.

When it becomes time to let her cum it is always a moment to enjoy. The look on her face is magical as the orgasm explodes. Not being able to stand she always gently falls to the floor as the second, third and forth wave rips through her body. Her mussels move of their own accord, tensing and releasing. The whole thing rips through her body. She cum’s time and time again, until it is all over.

Once she has recovered enough to get on her knees, I strip, remove the butt plug, apply lube to my cock and plunge deep inside her ass. Then I start fucking her as she begins again to play with her sopping wet pussy. I’m normally so turned on it never takes me long until I'm fucking her hard and fast and then I cum myself, filling her ass with my juices as she brings herself off with her fingers.

Of course I not the only one that can play that little game, and now we have the strap on it is going to be interesting how that game develops for me in the future. We are just at the stage now where we are ready to use it in our kinky games. It looks like we are going to have a very Merry Christmas.

Masturbation is something that people tend to think is something that is personal, but my experience is that it more fun when someone does it with you, for you, or in front of you, but more about that and more in later posts.

Real Women

Women thankfully come in all shapes and sizes to make the life of us men more interesting. All of them are interesting and beautiful and have their own uniqueness that makes the different. The right woman for any man is the one with the right personality, not body shape.

The current fashion to have women fronting the fashion industry who have more in common with a coat hanger than a real woman of normal size, is utterly stupid and dangerous. It gives the wrong idea to some young women who end up from suffering form a number of eating disorders based on their perception of body image.

Take the girl in the picture above, she isn't fashion model size but she has a wonderful curved body shape that is a delight to the eye and other parts of your anatomy, if your a man or so inclined as a woman. She is a real woman that you would just love to hold, cuddle and make love to. She is everything a woman should be and she won't feel like she will fall apart when you touch her.

The fashion industry puts across the idea that thin is sexy and beautiful, but what really gives a woman sex appeal is confidence not size. There is something about a woman that is sure of herself that draws you to her and makes you notice her as soon as she walks into a room. It is nothing to do with size. I have seen and met lots of normal women that have more sex appeal than some stick insect on the cover of a fashion magazine.

When you think about it, it is so stupid of designers and the fashion industry to make clothes for such thin woman, they are hardly the norm. Real woman are a lot bigger and a lot more interesting to design for, and better still any designer aiming around the average size of the average woman has a much bigger market out there than the thin designers.

What I would say to women out there is embrace your curves and show them off. The truth is when it comes to women, curves are what men are looking for, not just in real life, but even in their dreams. We look for real women with personality and not stick insects in designer clothes. When it comes to fulfilling male fantasies it is real women we dream about, and in my case ones with nice bottoms that are just right for spanking.

Pictures - His and Her Kinkers Special

Well here is the next photo special and this time it is his and her knickers special. Any one that read the original post will know I love wearing my partners knickers. They feel so good next to the skin and they turn me on all day if I'm made to wear them.

I just wish that more manufactures would wake up to the idea of men don't just want to feel comfortable in our underwear but turned on by it too. Why should girls have all the fun when it comes to having something sexy next to your skin?

Story - A Late Caning

This story is years old and was written by someone known as Mike and posted onto the internet. It is one of those stories that has just stuck with me through the years. The one thing that I remember is the shop scene where the young man is taken into the shop to buy a cane. I must remember to do that someday.


It was the late spring 1989. One Saturday morning after getting up quite late - about 11.30 - I had an argument with my Mom about using her car all the night before. As I was 21, I felt old enough to stay out all night - and so did Mom. But what I didn't realize then was: It was HER car and she leant it to me for going to cinema, not for driving around with it all night. She didn't appreciate this, as I hadn't asked.

There was nothing more to say as Mom said she won't tolerate this a second time: I wouldn't get her car again for the next weeks. With this our argument could have been over, but somehow I lost control over what I said:

"Alright then. Keep your fucking car, old nut!"

Mom didn't replie. Her only reaction was a long stern look into my eyes.

Immediately I felt ashamed for what I've said and left for my room. I laid down on my bed and thought about me insulting my Mom this way. Only two years ago, she would have spooned my naughty bare behind for this - there was no question about that.

Today she didn't - and I didn't feel convenient with this fact, because it made me feel guilty: I had no right at all to insult Mom! My behavior had to have some consequences - or I could never look into Mom's eyes again.

The longer I pondered about this, the clearer it came to my mind: I deserved a real severe punishment from Mom. I thought about the possibilities.

Should I ask her for grounding me? Mom never had grounded me without spanking me before and it was no appropriate punishment for my misbehave today.

Should she cut my money? No punishment that really would last. It was clear: Mom had to punish me physically as shew had always done in the past until I was nineteen.

But would Mom give her 21-year-old son a good spanking? I prayed she would: After an hour of thinking I took a heart, stood up, left my room and seeked for Mom. I found her in the living-room reading a book.


She looked up. I still could see the angry expression in her face. "What is it?"

"I'm so, so sorry for what I said, Mom."

"I hope so."

"Well, ahmm,..." - I uttered.

"Please return to your room. I can't stand your presence now, I don't want to see you anymore today!", Mom said in a quiet but firm voice.

"I know you're disappointed by me: So am I! Couldn'√Ąt you do anything to change this?"

"Me? It's your turn to do better!"

"I, I mean haven't you considered to punish me as you did all the years?"

"How shall I punish a 21-year-old man? Take you over my knee? Well, it's right I gave you some spankings during all your teens - but would you still accept being spanked by your mother?"

"Yes, Mom. I see no other choice. I'm feeling so sorry and I really know I need a reminder."

"You realize, that you ask me for a spanking?"

"Yes, please, Mom, give me a spanking!"

Mom paused. She put down her book and finally said: "You're sure? It won't be fun!"

"No fun. Shall I get the spoon?" ( Mom had always punished my younger brother and me with a 15-inch wooden spoon, which she kept in her dresser)

Mom paused again: "No wait. I'm really proud of you showing this understanding for your misbehave. And I'm really going to spank you. But as you're no longer a child, I think you need a very spanking today. One, that you were not used to in the past. I guess, it's two years now that you got the wooden spoon, isn't it?"

"Yes. Two years. The last spanking I got over Anne's knee almost two years ago. You remember?"

"Yes, I do. She did a great job, didn't she?", Mom asked slightly grinning.

"Yes, I won't ever forget."

"It was supposed that you'd never forget it! It's the same reason that we take a trip to the florist's. Come on, take on your shoes, they'll close in some minutes!", Mom said looking at her watch.

"To the florist's?" I didn't understand yet.

"I guess they sell some canes there for people who want to stabilize their plants - or punish their naughty boys. Come on!"

"You really want to cane me? The spoon hurts enough and always taught me to behave!"

"You'll have the chance to compare."

My Mom now swatted the seat of my jeans with my shoe: "Take it on, now!"

I obeyed and accompanied my Mom to the florist's shop.

We entered and Mom headed for the corner with the canes. They had some made of green plastic - Mom wasn't interested in these ones. But there were others made out of rattan. Without a word Mom took one of the longer ones - about 30 inches - out and tested it's flexibility.

Suddenly Mom adressed one of the assistance girls: "You sell some longer ones? About three feet?"

"Let me see, ma'am."

The girl, probably younger than me, went to the stockroom and returned after some long moments with about a dozen very long canes - all over 30 inches, some even about a 40 inches - in her arms.

"How thick should it be, I mean how big is the plant you need it for?"

"Well, quite tall.", Mom said grinning at me: "In fact taller than me. Nonetheless I need a very long but also very flexible one:"

Of course I blushed. The girl asked a bit confused now:

"Maybe this one?" and gave Mom a thin, 40 inch long cane.

Mom took it, tested it's flexibility by bending it almost into a circle: and turned to me: "Well, I guess it'll do the job it is required to do. What do you think, Mike?"

"Ahmm, well, I..." I fell through the floor as I looked at the 20 or so year old assistance now grinning at me.

"Okay, let's see then. Turn around to the wall!"

Mom helped me by taking my wrist in a firm grip with her left. Then she pulled my pants tight and swatted my clothed behind with the cane.

WHACK!!! - "Ouch!!!"

"I guess, it's perfect. I'll take it!", Mom said to the assistance, who couldn't believe what she just saw. "This young man will pay the cane!", she said handing the cane to me.

"It's 4.95 then.", the girl said grinning. She took it from me and removed the price label from the cane. "Shall I wrap it up?"

", th...thanks.",I uttered with my red face and gave the girl the money with uneasy hands.

"Thank you!" The girl gave me the cane asking: "Will your Mommy make your naughty bottom match the color of your face?"

I took the cane avoiding any look into the girl's eyes.

"You're right Miss! It won't be fun and there's no reason to laugh about, young lady! Maybe your Mom should give you a good spanking sometime!", my Mom said angrily to the young assistance, which was too perplexed to answer.

We left the shop. I had to carry the cane up to our appartment. No more word was spoken. I hoped we won't meet anybody on our way. I had luck. Mom opened the door and we finally entered our flat. I closed the door.

"Wait in your room for me. I want you to be dressed in your pajama when I'll follow in some minutes. And have your cane ready for me!", Mom said firmly.


"Stop it. You asked me for a spanking - well you'll get it and a good caning extra."

I rushed to my room, the cane in my uneasy hands. I put the cane onto my bed. I undressed: I took off my shoes, my shirt, my pants, panties, socks, T-shirt. I laid these clothes onto my bed next to the cane and retrieved from under the coverled my blue pajama. I stepped into the trouser and took on the top.

In this moment my Mom knocked at my door.

"You're ready, young man?"

"Yes, Mom, come in, please!"

She opened the door and entered. As she closed the door I realized her carrying the good, old wooden spoon in her right.

As I stared at the spoon, she said: "I said, you would get the chance to compare this spoon with our new cane. This means, before being caned you will get spooned first!"

She sat onto my bed next to the devices I deplored there, including the cane.

"Come to me!", she ordered.

"But you want to take over your knee, Mom? You didn't do this since I was fourteen! Please let me bend over my chair! It's so humiliating being bent over your knee!", I protested.

"One more word and you'll get extra, young man!" She pointed at her left knee with the spanking spoon. "It is supposed to humiliate. Over my knee!", she ordered patting the spoon at the palm of her left hand.

I obeyed and shuffled towards her lap. Then I took a heart and bent over my Mom's knee. In this moment I remembered my trip over Anne's knee two years ago.

In fact I was too tall and to heavy for a woman's knee, but somehow Mom managed to stand my weight - as Anne once did in this hotel room.

I smelt Mom's parfum and tried to lay as convenient as possible: My face almost touched Mom's black slippers, I could see her left ankle and the hem of her blue jeans; finally I got a grip of Mom's leg. Now I could feel Mom's finger nails on my still cold flesh as she lowered my pajama's trouser.

"Okay, you know why you are punished, young man?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Fine. I want you to keep still on my knee during the spanking. Otherwise you'd get extra. Is that clear, young man?"

"Yes, of course."

"As this is your first encounter with this wood for quite a long time, I want you to be concentrated while receiving the spanks: You're no longer used to this pain I'll spank into your buttocks and I do not want you falling off my lap!"

"I'll do my best, Mom."

"Okay then. Let's get it over with."

Mom drew back the wooden spoon and began:

WHACK!!! - "Ouch!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ohhh!!!"
WHACK!!! - "Pleaaa...!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahmmm!!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ouuhhhch!!!"

After waiting a long moment Mom said:

"Okay, get up!"

I got up and turned around to look into my Mom's eyes.

"This was some childhood remembrance, wasn't it? Now you will get the real punishment." With this Mom put down the wooden spoon and picked up the fearsome long cane from my bed. She again bent it into a circle and tested it's hissing sound.

"It sounds good, doesn't it?"

"I'm scared, Mom! I'll prefer two dozen more strokes with the spoon tan a single one with that cane! It'll hurt awfully."

"This cane is supposed to hurt. It will you remind to behave and never ever insult me again. As this cane is to long for an over-the-knee-use take out your chair, please!"

With my pajama trousers round my ankles I walked over to my desk and took out the chair and placed it in the middle of the room.

"Okay, stand behind the chair!", Mom said standing up, the cane in her right pointing to the floor.

As I stood where I was supposed to stand, Mom walked to my left. "Bend over!", she commanded.

As I had bent over, Mom pressed the cane against my already hot bottom cheeks.

"Because this cane will terrible hurt, you'll have to concentrate for each swat. So I want you to get a firm grip of the chair and to count every one of the twelve swats loudly! Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mom!", I replied grabbing the legs of my chair.

Still pressing the cane onto my posteriora, Mom said: "Let's get it over with!" She drew back the cane. During the long moments of awaiting the cane, I suddenly felt Mom's left hand touching my back: She held me softly in position.

I heard a hissing sound and in the same moment an awful sting in my buttocks:

WHACK!!! - "One!"
WHACK!!! - "Ouuoh, two!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahh, three."

By now I began to squirm: Mom had to get a tighter grip of my back. Again she drew back the cane, again a hissing sound was heard:

WHACK!!! - "Four!"
WHACK!!! - "Five. Mom, pleaaa..."
WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!!Six!"
WHACK!!! - "I'll!"
WHACK!!! - "...good! Eight!"
WHACK!!! - "Aaaoohhh!!!...nine!"

My bottom was set under fire. The unbelievable sting made me bawl and squirm around on my chair. Mom paused saying:

"There is no need in bawling. If you do not stop at once, you'll get extras!"

I concentrated and bent over again properly. Mom drew back the cane.

WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!! Ten!"

I felt the sting in my thighs: Mom had decided to give them a taste of the cane, too.

WHACK!!! - "Ooooohhh!!! Eleven!" WHACK!!! - "Ahhhohh!!! Twelve!"

With this last stroke, Mom had returned to my buttocks.

"Stand up!" came the command.

I stood up, sobbing.

"I hope this will be a lesson for you!!

Still the cane in her hand she hugged me saying: "I hope I never ever have to use this cane again! Now take on your clothes!"

I walked over to my bed, Mom observed me taking off the pajama and dressing again. As I had finished, she said handing the cane to me: "I don't think I need it again, but nonetheless keep it in your wardrobe for me. I want to know where to get it, if necessary."

"Yes, Mom." I took the cane and put it into my wardrobe.

Mom picked up the wooden spoon from my bed and left the room.

As I was left alone with my stinging behind, I fell into my bed and now really had the chance to think about my mischief...


Role Switching

I could easily forgive you all for thinking that I'm submissive, but in fact I'm a switch. Within the relationship with my partner we are both enjoy being either in control or being the one being controlled. It is one of the things I love about what we have got, that ability to be equal but at the same time unequal and both fulfill our desire to be submissive and dominate.

A lot of the blog so far seems to have dealt with my submissive side but that is where I am feel more comfortable at this moment in time. What I have found is I have periods of being more dominate or more submissive. Thankfully my partner understands that and accommodates this phases and has similar phases of her own.

It is said that the major benefit of switching comes from letting the person doing the spanking get a taste of their own medicine. This limits excessive spanking as the spanker knows what the spanker is going through. It is also meant to deal with the various mental aspects of spanking, limiting possible abuse through a completely one sided relationship. This is all probably true but the biggest thing I have found is it gives us both a lot of pleasure and away to resolve your differences.

I simply enjoy both giving and receiving spanking and my partner is the same, however unlike some people we tend to not spank each other in the same spanking session. I think this is because we use punishment spankings as well as play spankings as part of our life style. I think sometimes I so lucky that have found a number of partners understand my needs and that have the same interest in spanking. I know many are not so lucky.

I would recommend anyone to try switching at least one if they are a spanker. I think it is so important they know and understand what it feels like to be on the other end of a spanking before they start giving them out, after all if you understand what a cane feels like, for example, you will use it was much more respect and a greater understanding of how to use it to maximum affect.

And finally be able to switch and change roles can be a lot of fun too. It gives you much more scope to be kinky in your life.