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It’s been awhile since I did a WTF post and these photographs have been aging.
wtf - black socks
First, I poke a little fun at the folks at Punished Brats. I will ignore her Hello Kitty tat and comment on his co-ordinated black shorts, socks and shoes. I give this one the Male Tacky Outfit Award. Did her kitty scratch his arm where the Band-Aid is? Is this why there are so many pro ff spankings, because men dress like geeks.

The next one nada to do with spanking. I just marvel at the wackiness of it.
wft bird

In other news, have you noted the countless candid pictures of young folks spanking one another at Bryan’s? Some say spanking is not mainstream. The pictures he posts tell another story. Here is a sample.


I think Richard Windsor posted these. It seems that paddling still goes on at colleges today.

sorority 33
Check the smiles of the guys holding her legs

sorority 34

Highly Spankable

I have posted pictures of this lass before. I found a folder of her last week and decided to share a few more.
Her bottom had the quickest recovery time I have ever seen. From red to pink in seconds. Never bruised.
No secrets. Bacall knows her well.

Spanking Pictures

At any time a percentage of the population are in airports, planes, hotels, motels and other places while traveling. If you notice the number pictures on the web that are taken in motel rooms, you might think half the country is naked with camera’s. Many of the pictures I see have either lamps on the wall or a peep hole in the door in the background branding their location. While we have taken pictures in motel rooms, we have taken more at home. Of course, I suspect that most of the motel pictures are taken of friends, not wives.

I looked through my collection of spanking pictures to find a picture to illustrate my point. I could not find one. Obviously I have a bias against collecting such pictures.

Have you noticed the number of commercial spanking Blogs? I think there are a LOT more of them now than a year ago. The defunct Aunt Agony was a shill for commercial sites, but at least it was done with some style. The new ones I have seen one are all bores. They show Muffin, Amber, Pixie, etc in ridiculous scenes in preposterous poses.

Midday Cheerleading Post

Hi Guys,

I have a new sequence of cheerleader caps here you go.