Sissy Handjob Training

For *those girls that have served me on cam *- there is one thing they will know I insist on. Treating a man's cock as it should be - *with love* and *like a slut*. One problem I have with real girls out there - they really don't appreciate the *value and importance to a guy of having his cock stroked nicely* - a quick shake and then pop it into your mouth? - No, no, no NO! 4 things wrong with this - can you guess them? Now a lot of you sissy sluts *understand the importance of giving a good blowjob *to a man (though technique can be improved for some), but most I find do not displa...

Sissy Clips

This is a fun little clip that is a bit of a trainer but not so much. It contains some great clips! I especially LOVE the opening sissy in pink...made my clittie VERY aroused...

Another thing is i found quite a few of my preset slides in it which gives me a reason to perform the task of creating flash vids of my presets (i also have a yahoo group dedicated to "preset hypno") ...

Sissy Assignment

Here is a great Hypno File for you little sissies.....I hope you haven't taken the lapse in assignments as a sign to begin your pitiful male behavior! I want you to watch this vid and feel it, take it in, be the girl you are......

You can't go back to being a boy when your are a sissy.....Embrace your inner's OK to be yourself. Let your girliness flourish.

Your assignment for today is simple.....after watching the vid 2-3 times....I want you to say your sissy name (in a whisper) over and over all day. Hear your sissy name, say it to yourself, become comfortable with it. If you do not have a sissy name already.....for the love of Pete, GET ONE! I love you sissy.

Amateur Sissy Gets Nailed

OK, here is the attempt from a Linux based system....... On a sidenote, I put this together a while back.... an AMD64 laptop with Linux Ubuntu.... only because I just loved the idea of sticking up my middle finger to Microsoft and Intel. I have to say, although there are some minor compatibility, the computer runs great, fast, good graphics, etc. A fantastic alternative to a Windows based me if you want to know what/where/how/why.....

Now.... on to the more important subject of wanking furiously while viewing a sissy get it by a male lover. I LOVE these two.....such a compliant sissy taking it like a girl :) ... Enjoy... :)

Sissy Training - Cock Sucking

I love the word faggot. I don't think of it as derogatory although I can see how some would. Being called a 'little sissy faggot' to me is exciting, sexy, titilating...i LOVE it. Especially from a girl but also from a man who appreciates sissies. I am such a fag... heehee. I also love being told ''re so GAY..." I dunno, I just love hearing it.
Well here is a file for you if you get it like me..... a great sissy indoctrination with not so much visual but EXCELLENT audio..... Enjoy!


Hot Blonde

Heehee...sorry...just couldn't resist posting another HOT shemale vid....I love this girls tits.....gosh I wish I had a pair just like these...especially the way they sway to the thrust while being fucked from behind..... :) Enjoy! 

Wanking Material - HOT Shemale

For your enjoyment...and because I love you.... a video of a gurl who is so hot, I dare you to try to watch this in its entirety without cumming in your panties...... :)

Information Only - Please Read

Very soon,I will have a page up for you sissies to help follow a coherent schedule of training. As soon as it's ready, I will publish it here. Simple stuff that even the crummiest of weak-willed sissies can do as well as advanced training for the serious of the bunch. Stay tuned sissy! I'm doing this for you so smile..... 

Training - Good sissy

No wanking today! Don't even think about it. You may nub and edge as often as you like -BUT- if you goo, I want a written apology explaining why I should keep wasting my time with you. If you can't even follow simple instructions, you are not serious about your training.

Here is a fun sissy training video. I rec you wacht it 'full screen' from a laptop sitting on your chest in a dark room, with headphones, for best effect. Otherwise, a desktop in a dark room will have to do. Watch he whole thing....LISTEN and HEAR it. you NEED it. I love you sissy.

Training - Feminization

Hope all you little sissies had a frilly weekend! I sure did......hee hee. Well, let's get back to work. Today's trainig vid is a short, mild effective one. Watch it several times today....maybe, with hard work and determination, you will end up like the pretty girl in the pink bikini!!!!! Of course today you will be tucked, wearing as much pink as possible thinking girly thoughts all day. I love you sissy.

Wanking Material Hot Black

I am so sorry to have neglected you little sissies for so long. Two issues caused his. I had a long term assigment causing me to share a corp condo with very limiting firewall. I could not risk being jamie while there. And I got lazy and selfish and only indulged my own sissiness during the period because, afterall, i am just a sissy.......Sorry!

Anyway, here is a sissy treat for you. Every sissy would give their left nipple to be jamie coxx in this vid. I couldn't find a way to embed it so the quality isnot superb. But I'm sure it will get your little clitties hard thinking about this powerful black KNOW you want to be put in your passive place by an Alpha take him anyway he wants to give it....degraing you a little.....filling you up.....Yum!

Please enjoy this clip and wank all you want today. I declare today a sissy may do whatever you wish......tomrrow, you are mine again. I love you sissy. you desreve me and i will take better care of you for now.....

Anal Training

Before I get into this, I want to point out that I will be posting a calander of traning very soon. All of you little sissy faggots need more structure! I am quite surprised to read the emails that you have not trained in my absence. Becming the girl you were MEANT to be is YOUR task. you must want it more than I do. Sarifice and dedication are required to be a little, decide if this is for you and, if so, DO IT!

For todays assignment, we are going to do some anal training. Every little sissy needs to have a smooth pussy ready to take cock at her man's command. It must be READY at all times  - besides, it's your destiny in life....why not embrace it?

****Before any anal activity make sure you are squeaky clean by douching...just sayin'*****

This may seem a bit unorthodox but trust me. If you are not already a golfer, I want you to go out and buy a sleeve of 3 golf balls. Golf balls are just about the rigt width to simulate a nice thick penis.So, let's take one out and put it in your mouth...get it all's OK to lube your pussy press it in. Repeat this with another then the third. Pull up your panties and put on some heels.

Now for the fun balls are covered in Surlyn. This gives them a smooth but non-slip surface. The coefficient of friction is quite high so the balls will move around in your pussy -causing them to 'grab' each other- as you move around. Take a walk in your heels. Feel the balls moving, clicking against each other, rolling a little? Feels good, right? And the BESTEST part is, not onlyare you getting the inside walls of you pussy used to having somthing in there, but you can do this anytime every day under your 'street clothes'. What fun!

After 30 minutes of walking, you may nub into your panties then push the balls out one by one with your panties intact. Of course, each one will need to be cleaned from remnant goo and pussy juice. Once finished, leave the panties on until the leftover goo dries and gets a little crusty. This is an unfortunate side effect for a girl who gets fucked in a 'quickie' then has to continue her day. A woman's work is never done!

Back to School

OK sissies....let's get back to work. Too much time has passed sice I last gave you an assignment so this may seem difficult. This assignment has two parts. Both are equally important for different reasons. Here they are:
1. In your highest heels, I want you to stand with your toes up against a wall. Feet together like a lady, shoulders back. Now I want you to hold up a playing card with your nose. A business card will also do very well. You don't need to know why, just do it. Do this for a period of 5 uninterrupted minutes. If you drop the card, start over. It is mportant to last for 5 minutes. If, after 4 tries, you just can't, skip this step and go onto part 2.
2. Still in your highest heels, I want you to stand with your back against a wall with heels touching it. Feet together, of course. Now press your buttocks AND your shoulders back and touch the wall with them. You must stand this way for 5 uninterrupted minutes. If you fail, you MUST try again until you can stand for 5 minutes. If, after 4 tries, you can't do this. You are to edge three timesby nubbing  and go to bed horny.

If you ARE able to complete both tasks, you may nub to orgasm and eat it as a reward.

Ths is an important ritual and you should be doing it frequently as a part of your training. Go posture is critical to being a proper lady. If you ever want a man to fuck you as a girl, you'll have to try your best to present yourself this way. These exercises will help if you practice. Maybe someday you will have a Brazillian Butt like this hottie!

Assignment - Boobs

Boobs are probably the body part sissies want most. The idea of having nipples pinched and sucked while being fucked is irresistable....filling out a snug dress tha contours your boobs....the way they sway and jiggle with your me it is #1 on my list. When I have time, I glue on forms so I can go in a tank top or backless dress or a silky teddy....I LOVE the wa they feel.

Anyway....I have been regularly taking Pueraria Mirifica as an estrogen supplement. This herb from Asia performs a lot of feminizing functions including promoting breast tissue growth. I notice a prevalent tingling feeling in my nipples most of the time and there has definitely been growth. I LOVE this idea and I hope it continues to work as it has so far. If you are going to move forward with your changes, you will HAVE to start to develop's OK. They are wonderful and you'll be a better sissy with them.

For your assignment, I have two parts - one mental, the other physical.
1.  I want you to really think about your end game. To what end are we/you pursuing the sissy lifestyle? Give serious thought to why you are here and what you are trying to accomplish. Of course, I have trained enough sissies to know what you THINK you want - but are you really willing to go through with REAL physical and mental change? Do you want to look like the girls below? Do you really? Will you be able to put a man's penis in your mouth when the time comes? Will you? Sort this out and email me to discuss how I can help. There are several of you 'in limbo' right now and I will restart our communications now that I have some free time. If you are serious, I can REALLY help you become the girl you are - but you MUST be serious.

2. Now matter if you are sure of your anticipated outcome or not, you MUST continue to train until you have your head sorted out. Girly thought are so important to development as is girly behavior and behavior. Today, and every day this week, you are to tuck and plug for a period of at least 90 minutes. Then you are to edge three times by nubbing and finish with a ruined orgasm. you must eat the goo. Do this everyday through Friday IN ADDITION to other exercises and training. Do it! I love you sissy.

Sissy Trainer

The last video came out pretty blurry when opened in full screen. Here is alink to it so it can be downloaded and watched with better video quality. I realized afte-the-fact the audio was messed up. I will clear that up and do a better job on the next one.

Protein Supplement

A girl must keep in shape by ingesting a proper amount of protein each day. Since most of you gay little sissies don't have a man to supply you with it, you need to feed yourselves. :)

For today's assignment (and it really is more of a treat but that's OK because I love you!) you will swallow a protein blast. It's very simple..... I want you to tuck securely, with a dildo in your pussy of course, and nub into your panties. Imagine you are the lovely Erika, pictured below, getting fucked by your stud.....Once your sad little clit is spent, pull the cock from your pussy and feed the goo to your hungry painted lips with its tip.....mmmmmm mmmmmmm good! Make sure you get it all, it's good for you my pet! I love you sissy.

Wanking Material - Bareback

Still away...plans are not going my way but at least my laptop is up and running.

Here's a fun vid of some nice bareback....Fernanda Soares is a HOT one...I LOVE this topic but it takes guts and is still somewhat dangerous.....Enjoy!

Wanikng Cont'd

Good Morning...please continue...Wank, Wank, Wank....Don't forget to eat it. It's important remember!

Here's a vid to help this girl and you're doing well!

NEW sissy Training Video

This took longer than I anticipated....had two Windows crashes during construction (may I curse??? I FUCKING HATE WINDOWS) .... I digress..... wish I could make these with Linux like I do everything else... :( ....... is a little sissy vid I created just for fun. I call it 'gay little sissy' because that really is WHAT we are, right? Pix are Tayla Dieckman...when I close my eyes, this is who I imagine myself to be......heehee, I know, not even close but a girl must DREAM!

The Importance of Pink

Hi sissies!
One of the most important AND overlooked aspects of a sissy life is the color PINK. As a color, it symbolizes femininity, submissive, soft, docile, cute ... all things a sissy strives to master. As an attitude, it represents total girliness. It is CRITICAL to your development as a sissy and a girl that you EMBRACE this color. From today forward - no matter your situation with life, work, the 'guys', etc., you are to wear at least one pink item every day - all day. If your're a scared little sissy, it's OK. I love you and I wouldn't want to embarrass may wear pink panties, a pink bracelet, pink hosiery, pinl decide. It isn't necessary to flaunt are doing this to remind yourself all day that you are what you are -- a sissy.

If you are feeling especially bold, why not invest in a pinl butt plug for daily use? Maybe a pink cami to be worn under dark colored dress shirts? How about a pink toe ring on one of your little piggies? Oh the possibilities are endless!!!!

I made this little GIF this morning to help you get into the mood of PINK-NESS...tell me if you like it. You need to click the pink panties to activate the GIF.

Remember, this is for you. you NEED this, it's who and what you are. Don't cheat yourself out of what you need to grow. Do this everyday for you! I love you sissy!


I know these are a little boring and there is very little 'action' in them but dear GOD, don't ya just wish you were one of these hot little tramps????

Training - New sissy GIF

I am in the middle of creating a Fresh New sissy Hypno File but decided to take a break and quickly create this little GIF for something new tonight. It's a long play with a lot of images and commands randomly thrown in througout. Nothing special - just new and fresh content because I love you!

sissies, you must watch this GIF image for a minimum of 15 minutes then resume your girly day. I will have some specific instructions for you later tonight. Enjoy!

NEW sissy Hypno File

A little rough around the edges......I used MS Movie Maker just to see how it would come out. I'm committed to making hypno files for all the little sissies who need the help......please bear with me as I get better at it. Our little sissy community needs new content if we are EVER going to be better girls!!!

For now, enjoy! And please comment - both good and bad are welcome (just be polite if you think it sucks) so I can improve as a Trainer of sissies.

Assignment - Continued WANK WANK WANK

Well at least I have the ashemaletube thing figured out. Just a simple code fix.....piece of cake.

Love this one - especially the kissing - Shawna is TOO HOTTT!!!!

Keep wanking ... 6 times remember?? :)

Assignment - Denial

Later today, I plan to post a brand new sissy Hypno file that I am creating. I'm tired of the 'same ole same ole' if you get my drift. The plan is to make a BRAND NEW file to be dispersed around the internet so all you little sissies can continue your development. Looking at the same content over and over is boring diminishes your efforts. you deserve better!

For now....let's work on denial. This is an important part of being a submissive sissy. After all, you may not cum or touch your clittie without permission so denying orgasm is good practice. I want you to tuck with tape, put on a bra and stockings ang go about your day. You must edge at least twice per hour for the 'Business Day' (9am - 5pm) and DO NOT CUM. your little thing needs to be good and aroused so you can properly goo and eat it later tonight when I post my new file. Here is a pic of a beautiful cock to think about all day. Imagine in penetrating your tight little pussy then rubbing itself all over your freshly painted lips. Use the pre-cum as lip gloss can do it, you're a good little cock sucker....I love you sissy.



Wanking Material - Early Domino Presley

There are just a few girls who REALLY get my little clittie all tingling and this is one of them .... Usually, well almost always, when I watch these vids I envision I am the girl getting royally fucked by the man. This is why I do NOT enjoy vids of guys getting banged by shemales...I mean, c'mon....really? Be the guy and fuck ME for Pete's sake!

I digress.....Domino Presely is one of the girls who I can look at all day long.....I love her and everything she's done and everything she's yet to do. This one is an early vid - 'pre-implants' - which I especially like because her body resemble as much a twink as a girl...

The Importance of PINK

Few of us will ever look as feminine as Ana Mancini without several visits to Dr. Troy (shameless reference to one of my FAVE shows) and a dump truck full of hormones. But....we can FEEL as feminine as she does in our everyday lives.

PINK is the sissiest of colors although even Alpha Males can wear it. It is the one constant in your little girly life yet everyday Men can wear it without issue....we know better. Even the slightest hint of it secretly sends thrills through you. For this reason, you MUST incorporate some pink into each and every single day. Without fail. At the very least, you should have at LEAST one toenail painted pink at all times. If you are still a sheltered little sissy girl, why not go to Staples (or Office Max) and buy a Pink Sharpie Marker and draw a pink heart on your clittie? Then when you sit to go pee pee, you will see it a few times per day. The possibilities are endless....why not comment here and tell the world how you are honoring your girliness with something PINK? Then go get into something a little more girly... :)

Girlish Figure

This is a tricky subject. Most sissies weren't born with a girlish figure and many will never get one naturally. But there is HOPE!

Some of this is obvious but bear with me:
  1. Diet. This goes without saying. You can't have a few burgers at Five Guys and expect to trim down to girlish proportions. Try these tips.....Take girly bites. Watch a girl eat and notice how much smaller her bites are. Do the same and you may find you eat less. Go for smaller portions - avoid a second helping. Eat green leafy vegetables. Add soybeans to your diet - I love them and they are full of phytoestrogens (more on this in a later post). Stop drinking soda with artificial sweetners - drink ice water instead.
  2. Exercise. Duh..... This topic could go on forever but to keep it simple I recommend you work to develope your lower body to boost your booty and add mass to your outer thighs -AND- to a lot of core training to flatten your stomache and get rid of 'love handles'. In my experience, those with 'love handles' don't see so much love. Here's a great exercise I use ....

  3. ""The vacuum pose is an exercise that tones the transverse abdominis. The transverse abdominis is the innermost ab muscle, which supports your posture and helps hold your stomach in. Everyday crunches don’t target this muscle.
    The vacuum pose can take 2-4 inches off your waist, so it’s definitely worth a try. (I personally lost 1 inch off my waist after vacuum posing for 2 weeks!) Here’s how to do it:
    1. Exhale all the air from your lungs.
    2. Expand your chest and suck in your stomach as much as possible. Imagine trying to touch your belly button to your spine.
    3. Hold this pose for 5-15 seconds and then relax.
    4. Repeat for 3-5 minutes.""  
A good article on it can be found HERE (don't be scared by all the muscled men!)

4. Clothing. Duh again......corsets and waiste cinchers are a staple in a girls wardrobe (or at least they should be) but also consider padded undergarments to add curves. Wear skirts and dresses with gathered waistlines and look for peplum styles.

Lastly, think of your posture while sitting and standing. Remember ALWAYS .....  stomach in, chest lifted, and shoulders back.

No touching the clittie today. Stay tucked, work on your walk and do your best to eat a little less than the day before. I love you sissy.