NFFL Star Heather 'The Amazon' Grimes

The National Female Football League which formed after the Great Shift had a number of Ex Pro Football players make second careers for themselves, but none were bigger off the field than Heather ‘The Amazon’ Grimes, formerly Hank Grimes, a 68 year old Ex Tight End of the Baltimore Colts. Hank lucked out and was shifted into the body of a six foot two inch female volleyball player and sometime runway model.

Heather leads the league in catches and poster sales, a combination which has a number of potential sponsors, and her agent thrilled. The big girl just takes it in stride; at her age she figures she’d seen it all, though having guys hit on her is something new. She likes a little role playing in her sex life, so if you’re into chicks with swords and leather armor, Heather might be right for you.

Costume Gun 'Sniper Edition'

“Arnold Snoggs here, a 58 year old fat bald science teacher who sells magic Items on the side. I've got to tell you about this. One of my suppliers got his hands on the new Costume Gun Mark IV; the sniper version. It lets you target a girl, line of site up to 3000 feet, and zap her at a distance. There’s no deflation and putting on of the skin, the gun transfers your target directly onto your body, clothes and all. Just a few seconds of disorientation, and your done, ready to wine, dine and party.

You can put her back on the street just as easily in reverse mode. No muss, no fuss, and no danger of being caught. I tried it on a girl across the street getting ready to go out, and you can see the result.

I don’t know though, I kind of like the morphing of your body, watching those perky boobs pop out. Besides, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Where’s the sport in that. Not that I can afford one of these babies, but you’ve got to admit, for getting a chance to wear some high risk ultra hot target babe, it’s kind of fun.”

Magician's Trunk

Old Man Motley had been a famous collector of Cursed or otherwise magical items of every description. When he vanished back in the 1960’s, his estate was a mess. Relatives tied up his possessions in probate for almost 50 years. Now many of those items have found their way onto the market.

Jeff was intrigued by the old magicians’ trunk. It had supposedly been part of the apparatus used in a quick exchange trick where the magician and his assistant traded places. He bought it, and brought it home to show his girlfriend Stacy.

On a dare, Stacy tied his hands behind his back and put Jeff in the trunk, locking the lid. Then, she stood on top of the trunk and counted down from ten. Laughing, she opened the trunk to let Jeff out.

Surprise; Jeff looks just like Stacy. Now we know how the first half of the trick worked. I think Stacy and her twin are going to need help.

Sweet Revenge

“Poor Janice here has no idea how she ended up at the side of the road, smelling of alcohol with a cop opening her door at gunpoint. I’m afraid I ‘left her’ holding the bag as it were. She’s in for a long night, though at least she won’t test drunk on the breathalyzer.

Of course, it serves her right, after having her boyfriend beat up on me and Frank; it’s only fair that we get a little revenge. And thanks to the possession candles Frank was able to score, we’re going to see that Janice has all kinds of things go wrong.

Next weekend, we’ll possess both Janice and her boyfriend, and have them drive to Las Vegas. Let two high school juniors explain that to their folks. Revenge can be oh so sweet.”

It Will All Come Back to You

“You’re a hard man to get a hold of Mr. Barkley. My clients had no idea you had an escape plan lined up. Or that you had people who would actually make a major effort to find a certain Confidential Informant when he suddenly disappeared. I had to use the medallion on you and change you into someone else.

Surprisingly, it’s much easier to make a woman no one is looking for disappear than a male federal witness. In just a few minutes after the mental components kick in, I can remove the restraints and we can send you on your way. I have a nice brothel all lined up for you to work in.

I've been promised that you’ll remember everything in the back of your mind. That there’ll be some little piece of you screaming inside – I was James Barkley, an important man. But you won’t remember any of this consciously for years.

Then, one day when you least expect it, it will all come back to you, perhaps in the middle of servicing some john. God I hope so. Good buy for now James. Sweet dreams.”

Beginnings of Bikini Beach

A powerful coven of New England witches decided to help the economy in their community by enchanting a beach area such that men who came there could experience life as a woman during their stay there. The spell was in two parts; the local waters would affect the change, but would require the presence of the beach sand to activate the spell. Of course, with any spell of this magnitude there were loopholes, in this case persons affected by the waters without the beach sand.

David Comings was driving through the costal roads of Cape Cod one night, when a powerful storm blew up and rain poured down on him. Then to make matters worse, a tire blew out, forcing him to stop. Desperate to get going again, David went for his spare and started to change his tire, getting drenched in the process.

Suddenly, David felt his body morphing in pain. He dropped the tire iron from wet shrinking hands. His shirt melted away and his clothes reformed as a red backless dress. His body shrank and his manhood disappeared. His hair lengthened and his skin grew hairless and smooth.

It turns out that David was one of those individuals who the spell water would affect without the presence of the beach. David was stuck as a woman, and Bikini Beach had their first lawsuit on their hands.

Dominatrix Android

Stacy, the cybernetic humanoid which holds the mental patterns of Doctor Stephen Jennings, has developed dominatrix tendencies which are very troubling to her research team. Doctor Jennings had always been a bit of a tyrant in the lab, but Stacy would literally crack the whip. Plus she was at least 10 times as strong as an athletic man. Of the researchers, only Gerald, the bio-chemist seemed to work well with her, groveling and playing the submissive as if born to the role.

So when Stacy called a general meeting of the staff, there was quite a bit of tension when they filed in the room. But, she seemed on her best behavior, telling everyone that she was determined to improve team relations and get everyone pulling together again. That’s when Gerald released the bio-agent he’d been working on thru the air vents.

Various team members fell to the floor in pain as their bodies began to transform. Male members became weak feminized sissies, with muscles shrinking and their dicks shrinking down to nubs. The two female members became younger, their bodies firming, losing flabby stomachs and gaining breast mass. But all of them went to their knees and bowed down to Stacy.

Nature Activist

“I was Clide Barrow, a retired water quality specialist for the forestry service. I still had this deep attachment to nature and her streams and water courses. In fact I spent many weekends trekking through the California woodlands, draw to the beauty and essence of Mother Nature.

I guess the ancient dyads sensed that I was a kindred spirit. One Saturday, I was drawn deep into the very heart of the woods, to a perfect unspoiled spring. Voices in my head bade me drink, and I did.

A cold pure essence filled me, and began to change me. I watched my wrinkled hands shrink and grow small and smooth. My body grew cold, and then warm as it morphed, my waist shrinking, and my height dwindling. My grey hair darkened, and grew out several inches. My face became smooth and feminine. My clothing fell away, revealing my petite young form which the dyads had given me.

For a number of days, I joined them in their revelry, but eventually I knew I had to return, and pick up the task of protecting these woods from modern man’s world. So now I’m Carla Barrow, tree hugger and nature activist. And I’ll do anything and anyone to protect these lands.”

Why Dont You Try It

Sally Owens and her sister Jessica, the witches who ran the Herb Shop were in the bar having an after dinner drink when a disturbance broke out. The chunky well endowed barmaid had been delivering drinks to a table of drunken guys when she’d slipped and dropped her tray, splashing beer on George, and his cronies.

“Hay porker, what gives,” George whined. “Those melons of yours make you top heavy? Can’t keep from falling over?” The table laughed and the girl ran for the kitchen. “What I want to know is how come this place can’t hire any hot barmaids? Hell those old gals in the booth over there look better than the talent in this dump.”

Sally got up and walked over to George’s table. “You think it’s easy to be a barmaid in a place like this full of drunken assholes? Well then, why don’t you try it?”

George felt his body turn to jelly and fell to the floor. Amazingly, his friends didn’t notice anything wrong. George felt himself shrinking down to a chunky 5’ 4”. His hair lengthened and two massive tits grew on his chest. His clothes changed into a white string top and shorts. And when she climbed to her feet, a small apron like the other barmaid wore popped into place.

“Hay Georgia, get your ass over here,” said one of the boys left at the table. “I want to stare at your big old melons while I order.”

Reality Show Ghost

A reality show had rented the old Motley mansion for a ‘Stay the Week in a Haunted House’ show. The guests were checking out the house while being followed by camera crews in turn showing where they planned to hole up that night. Darrel, a science nerd who professed not to believe in ghost or paranormal activity, was checking out some rooms on the third floor when he ran into a woman carrying a candelabrum.

“Who are you,” he asked? ‘I thought I knew everyone on the show.”

“Oh, you wouldn't know me,” she said approaching him. “I’m just here to educate you. You see Darrel, ghost are real. Here let me show you.” Putting down her candles, Lady Chatterley’s ghost flowed over him like a cold dense fog. Seeping into the pores of his skin, the ghost froze the morrow in his bones, and began to transform Darrel into her own lovely image. His hair lengthened and turned auburn, his dick melted away, his hips widened, and his waist thinned. His clothes transformed into a pale lavender dress, and his shoes into well formed high heels.

Smiling at herself in the dusty mirror, Lady Chatterley picked up the candles and made her way towards the stairs. “Darrel, you’re in for a treat. I’m going to go find that hansom host of your TV show, and give him some proof of what a ghost can really do. And you get to learn all about sex as a woman. Because I’m going to let you watch. Come on now, it’s ShowTime.”

I'll Never Sell My Costume Gun

“You've got to admit, this little plastic gun is a game changer. A perfectly practical magic item, which lets fat old perverts like me, Arnold Snoggs, become hot cute girls like Melissa here, all with one little squeeze of the trigger, and about three or four minutes of morphing once you put on their skin.

The Costume Gun is easy to use, doesn’t show up on metal detectors, and can be easily hidden on your person. Unless like Melissa here, you aren't wearing anything at all; an oversight I plan to remedy as soon as I finish taking pictures of myself.

I've got to admit, I’m completely addicted to this thing. I just love the way those girl skins morph my fat old body into someone that looks and feels like this. And sex as a young girl is simply unbelievable. Once you've had multiple orgasms for the first time, you are hooked my friend.

I've got to tell you, I sell all kinds of black market magic items, but I’ll never sell my Costume Gun, to me it’s priceless.”

Donna Wakes Up

Donna sat there stunned, trying to remember how the hell she’d gotten into the steam room; the men’s steam room. The last thing she remembered was planning to head for the hotel bar and meet Stacy for drinks. Judging by how sore she was, she’d been having some rough sex with someone, but she couldn't remember anything. Had she been roofied?

Suddenly, she felt some kind of mental touch. Her mind was going numb, and some kind of presence was controlling her, forcing her down into darkness. “Who are you,” she thought. “Why are you doing this?”

James just grinned and shifted his hands over to feel her breast. “Donna you’re my ride for this evening,” he said gleefully. “I had to stop and put in an appearance at the dinner table, but now the parents are vegging out on TV, and I’m free to come back and take you for seconds. Bet you’re still sore from the way that crazy football player pounded us. Hay, at least he used a condom.”

Donna watched horrified as her body got up and stretched under the control of some male juvenile delinquent. He grabbed her crotch, straightened her suit, and headed for the door. “Come on babe, let’s go straddle some man meat.”

Horseplay Not Allowed

“Carl, I told you no horseplay in the pool. I told you my Aunt Sally the witch had put a curse on it to punish anyone who threw someone in, or went after a girl’s suit. But no, you had to push Mindy in the pool, and then you had to untie her top so she flashed everybody.

Now I guess it’s your turn. I’ll see if I can scrounge a girl’s suit for you, or at least a towel. I think if you stay out of mischief maybe Aunt Sally will change you back when everyone’s gone. Otherwise, she’ll change your parents’ memories and leave you as a girl for a while.

You don’t want that. If she’s punishing you, I’m sure your period will start tomorrow. So get your act together and apologize, or you’re in for a long and painful week.”

Potion Reaction

Some people just have bad reactions to potions. Tom had been looking forward to using the Transformation potion to go out as Vicki, the cute girl who worked in his office. He had the hair and nail clippings needed to make the potion give him her shape. He’d done everything right according to the directions. When he quaffed it, he knew there would be some discomfort as his body shrank down and morphed to look like Vicki, but he wasn't prepared for this.

He wasn't shrinking, he was growing and expanding. His arms became smooth, and his hair lengthened, and breast grew on his chest, but he was shooting up in height. At ten feet, she had to duck her head and bend over. At twenty feet, she had to bend her knees to not bump the ceiling. Finally, she stopped growing, and her new clothes formed around her.

Oh she looked like Vicki alright; a 20’ foot Amazon Vicki. She couldn't go out like this, hell she couldn't fit through the office doors. Her only hope was to hide out and wait eight hours for the potion to wear off. Of course, with a reaction like this, who’s to say how long the effects might last. Tom might be stuck as a giant girl for weeks.

Daves New Look

“OK Harry, what did you do to Dave this time?”

“Well, you know how he likes to use his sister’s bath oil, and take a bubble bath instead of a shower.”

“Yah, so?”

“Well, he’s taking a bath now, and I put some fast acting feminizing agent I got at ‘Spells R Us’ in the bath oil. He should be sprouting breast and loosing the old Johnson right about now. So in a couple of minutes, we burst in and take pictures.”

“Harry, you really are a bastard you know that.”

“Oh yes, I know, but I do have fun.”

Covering All Your Bases

“Gerry, I know that’s you. No way Mrs. Swanson comes to the door but naked and sticks her tong out at me.”

“Yah it’s me man. Your friendly neighborhood Warlock doing a little spell practice. You know how you’ve always had the hots for old Mrs. Swanson, well I thought you might like to feel up the merchandise and see what you’re missing.”

“OK man, you know I want to make out with her, what’s the catch.”

“You do my algebra homework all year, and I’ll see about regular visits with your neighbor. Do we have a deal?”

“You are one twisted dude, but hell yes, deal.”

Gerry just smiled and jiggled her assets. Now if he could just line up a couple of guys for English and History, he’d have all his classes covered; and have his possession spell perfected in no time. Man it’s great to be a young teenage Warlock.

Bikini Beach Accident

“Hay Jason, this is really cool. They must have had some kind of leakage from Bikini Beach. I heard that last time guys were stuck as chicks for weeks while they tried to counter the spell. Of course, I know you have your wedding date all set next month, but hay maybe Darla won’t mind doing it with a chick on her honeymoon.

Or maybe the witches can change her into a Guy while you’re stuck this way. You can both see how the other half lives for that first couple of months. You may even decide you like it. I heard a couple of guys they couldn't change back last time are supposed to have come out publicly and said they’re happy the change was permanent. Of course, the witches may have just spelled them to think that way.

But hay, we won’t know for sure until we call it in and get checked out. Go grab the phone, and find out how bad the outage was. Maybe they’ll get to us tonight.”

Borrowing Big Sister' s Bod

“Hay sis, you know Dan and I are having a great time filling in for you and Sandy on spring break. Borrowing your big sister’s body for the best party of the year is great. I haven’t tried sex as you yet, but who knows the day is young and your body does react to some of these hunks around here. I’m sure with a little liquid courage, Dan and I will get up the nerve to try it out. Hay, it’s not like it’s our bodies.

Just hold the fort at summer camp, and keep the folks in the dark and we’ll let you have your bodies back when we get home. Of course if you say something about us stealing then, we’ll just have to deny the whole thing and say you’re crazy. We can always keep them longer you know.

Now don’t pout about it, you don’t have the looks to pull that off right now. Pouts on geeky nerd boys just don’t have the same effect as on a pretty girl. The week will be over before you know it, and everything will be back to normal, except of course you’ll know we can do this to you. So behave and we’ll be home soon. Toddles.”

Once You've Had Female You Never Go Back

Here’s Professor Grison standing in front of his theoretical solution to the nano-bot programming problem. For the first six years of the project, all successful nano-bot programming involved using a female DNA matrix as the final result. The instability of the XY chromosome pair simply made using it in bot programming unreliable.

In the future, it will be possible to have the nano-bots produce male human bodies as easily as female bodies. Professor Grigson, now 89 had female nano-bot rejuvenation almost five years ago in the early stages of successful procedures. Hell we had to keep the old fart alive to work on the project.

When told he would have the option of using the new procedure and becoming male again, Grigson just laughed and said “After you’ve been female and sexually active, you’ll never go back. You couldn't pay me enough to give up this body.”

In fact, all of the successful female rejuvenations turned the project down flat.

I Don't Understand Nerds

“I don’t understand you idiots. You build a body swapping device, steal the bodies of two of the hottest girls in school, and then you come home and play ‘World of Warcraft’? Why aren't you out clubbing, teasing some boys, hell having sex as those two?

Nerds, I just don’t understand you.”

How Did She Get Here?

Jason wasn't sure how it’d happened. He knew he and Kevin had been working on a prototype female battle android, but waking up in a much more advanced model with the last four years of his life a total blank was scary. Of course, waking up with an indestructible titanium alloy body with the strength of 20 men, that never got tired, never felt pain, and was really hot made scary kind of wimpy.

His synthetic dermas layer had been damaged in blast, and would take a few minutes to self repair. But Jason could wait. The only real question was how to find out what happened to the old Jason and his buddy Kevin. Had his body been killed? Where should she start looking for answers?

And by the way, what was sex like for his android body? Somehow he just knew Kevin would have been sure to include some powerful pleasure circuits in the design.

John's Favorite Eveningwear

“I’m John, the apartment complex super; and when Carmen here moved in, I just knew I had to have her. Not the way you think, I kind of had the Costume Gun passed on to me when I found it next to old man Smithiers when he had his last heart attack. He was in the middle of putting on his next door neighbor, and I ended up wearing her instead.

Now, I try on all the hot girls in the complex, and Carmen was as hot as they came. This girl has the most beautiful long legs and tiny wasp waist I've ever seen. When I got her alone and zapped her the first time, it was a little strange; she’s the first girl I ever wore who’s taller than I am. I literally grew a few inches in her hot skin.

Carmen is a model, so I don’t keep her out for all hours when she has a gig the next morning. I want her to keep working and not mess up. So I try to wear her when she can sleep in. Man does she date some hot young men; all either famous or wealthy, or both. And some of them are even good in bed. I’m trying to work my way through her whole stable, but hay she’s a popular girl, these things take time.

I guess I’ll just have to keep putting her on two or three nights a week. She’s become my favorite eveningwear.”

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

“Peter look out,” yelled Egon, “Gozer is about to ...”

“What …,” cried Venkman, as the ectoplasm splattered him and he began to morph. He shrank in height, his hips widened and grew rounder, his waist slimmed, and his hair grew out. He cringed in pain as his dick shrank away, and changed to its female counterpart. His face grew softer and his five o’clock shadow disappeared. And finally, his pants became shorts, revealing some very pretty legs.

“My God,” said Ray, shouldering his proton pack, he turned Venkman into a girl; and a pretty hot one at that. Quick, let’s cross the streams and see if we can seal this portal. ”

So saying the Ghostbusters managed to send Gozer back to his own universe. That left three tired men and one tired slimed woman to deal with the public. They never were able to reverse the effects on Venkman, but she seems happy with her new life.

So if some bad ass ghost is trying to hassle you, tell him to go hit on Patricia Venkman, cause she ain't afraid of no ghost.

Seriously Habit Forming

“Damn, I hate it when the candle burns out and my possession ends. I've got to find something that last longer, like permanently. Casey is so hot and so confused when she comes to naked like that. It just breaks my heart to leave her when I’d been having such a good time with her current boy toy.

Man, he’s got to think she is one schizoid chick, her being all coy and modest, and me being a horny bitch that can’t get enough. Still, he keeps coming back for more; I must be doing something right. And that boner of his is definitely the right tool for the job.

That’s it; I've got to tell Arnold I need something stronger; maybe some long acting potion, or even a repetitive spell or something. I’m turning into a body junkie for Casey. This girl is seriously habit forming.”

Wishing To Go Out

“Hi I'm Dave. I’m a bit of a Geek, and I always seem to have strange luck, especially when I've been drinking. I think it’s because of my trace of witch blood on my mother’s side. I’d been bartending for Della’s sorority house tonight, and I'd had a few. So when I asked her to go out with me, she laughed and said I might as well go wish, cause that was never going to happen.

Anyway, got my pay and left and headed for home. I was passing the campus fountain, and I thought – why not? So I threw in a handful of changed and wished I could go out with Della. Suddenly, I felt my body going all smoky like a genie or something. I knew it was my weird luck kicking in; I flowed right back into the sorority house and up Della’s nose.

She started to gag and cough, and suddenly it was me doing the coughing. I’d taken over Della. She was in here, but I was in control. Anyway, here I am in broad daylight, still in the driver seat. And a pretty hot seat it is too. I don’t know how long I’m going to be in here, but I’m definitely going to try out the equipment.”

Hunter's Dilemma

My Entry in Hailey Pixley’s Contest on ‘A Tights Spot’ Blog

July Contest Listing on 'A Tights Spot'

“Jane, I’m in a really Tight Spot,” said Hunter cupping the mouthpiece of the old pay phone. “I’m being framed and I can’t see any way out of it.”

“You swear to me your innocent,” said Jane, sitting down at her desk. “I won’t help a murderer no matter what.”

“Yes, yes, I won’t bullshit you Jane. I don’t know how that bloody knife got in my gym bag. And I can’t go to Jail. Will you help me.”

“Ok Hunter, go find a place to stay and keep low. Look for a note from me in the morning.”

“Won’t you need to know where I am,” he asked.

“Oh no Hunter,” she smiled, looking at the Old Typewriter on her desk, “I’ll find you.”

The next morning, Hunter found a strange envelope slipped under his door, addressed to him in type written letters, he opened it up and read the paper inside. ‘Hunter, if you’re truly innocent, then take the form and identity of someone you've fantasized about and live their life …’

Hunter dropped the paper and felt his body shrinking, collapsing on itself. His body hair fell away, leaving his skin smooth, his hair lengthened, his hips widened, and his stomach shrank leaving a trim and tiny waist. Breast sprouted from his chest, and his clothing changed. He felt tights snaking up his legs, knee high boots forming on his feet, and a sweater flowing over his frame.

Hailey came to leaning against the building, her purse in her hand. She couldn't remember exact ally how she’d gotten here but the coffee shop next door smelled wonderful and she had time before work. Shouldering her purse, she went to grab an espresso.

Who's the Boss

Donald had gone out for a celebratory drink with his lab assistant, Miss Hastings. He’d perfected the technology, and was ready to cut the demand for gasoline in half for everyone in the old USA; just a simple conversion kit.

Suddenly, he felt his head spinning; he’d been drugged. Donald fell to the floor, his body burning up and changing. He felt his skin crawl as his frame shrank down, and morphed. His dick shriveled, and his chest burst through the buttons of his shirt as his breast grew big and fat. Staring up at the ceiling, the last thing Donald saw was Miss Hastings smiling down at him.

. . .

“Welcome back Donald, or should I say Donna now,” said the dark hared mistress in black, reaching for the ropes around his neck. “You've certainly made your previous employers angry. Just who do you think controls the auto industry any way; environmentalist? Silly boy, there was no way you would be allowed to give people something that cut the need for gasoline in half. Now Donald is gone, all that wonderful engineering knowledge whipped away. But don’t worry; Mistress Heather has a whole new way for you to make a living. Your new owner is outside – some rich oil baron decided he wants’ to show you whose boss.”

A Nerds Gotta Dream

“I always said if I ever got hold of one of those MAU Morphic Adaption Unit machines that I’ve read about on the internet, I know exactly what I’d do with it. So when I stumbled across the silver chest with the strange markings out near the beach, I knew just what to do. I took it home and pushed the button to set it up in my basement, and then I went looking for Sally Keller.”

Sally had everything, she was hot, popular, had rich absentee parents, and an allowance that gave her more in a week than I made in a year. She also used us brainiacs to do her homework, and then ridiculed us behind our backs. It just so happened that I had a chemistry paper I was doing for her, so getting her to come by my house was a no brainer. I used some either to knock her out, and then hauled her to the machine.

Getting readings of each of our bodies, I turned myself into Sally’s clone, and then I turned her into a dumber copy of myself. I also blotted out Sally’s memory of her prior life. Then, I folded up the machine, put on her clothes, put the machine in her car and went to take over her life. Now I’m the society queen with the big bank account, and Sally is a burned out fat nerd with no idea of what she’s lost. I've told a couple of my old friends so they wouldn't feel sorry for the old me. I've even offered to let them try the MAU; after all, it might still work.”

Only a Matter of Time

When Old Man Motley’s estate was finally probated, 50 years after he disappeared, a number of his cursed magic items made it into various antique dealers stock. Nick bought a vintage 1950’s camera which just so happened to let a photographer swap bodies with his model. Nick has gotten into the habit of borrowing the bodies of several of his models for a few hours, leaving them unconscious in his own body.

Until now, Nick had always been careful not to let one of these girls wake up in his body while he was out using theirs. But there’s always a fist time. Nick had borrowed Jasmine, and gone out for an evening of partying and some wild sex, and was just dragging in to his place the next day; only to discover his own body missing. He must have mis-set the timer on the camera. And, his car is missing from the driveway.

When Jasmine’s cell phone went off, Nick started to panic; it was his number on the call. It turned out that Jasmine in his body had been in an accident and was at the hospital in a coma. They were calling to see if she knew who Nick’s next of kin was.

Strange Place to End a Cab Ride

“I think Jane here must have been planning to jump off the bridge. I can’t figure why else to end her Taxi ride here. If she was thinking of suicide, then I guess I did her a good turn stealing her life. I can’t for the life of me see what kind of problems she had. Unmarried, with a nice body, and in good health; she was torn up about losing her mom recently, but she was set for life. I just don’t get it.

Maybe having to drive the Magic taxi will bring some purpose to her life – force her to work at something. As for me, I’ve done my stint, and I’m ready to party. I just have to walk off this dam bridge.

Maybe I can call a cab.”

Lets Make It Permanent

“Carla, I don’t get it, I thought you never wanted to see me again. You told me that violent sex wasn't your thing.”

“Brad, I don’t know what came over me. I love rough sex as long as it’s with you. I just live to have that big hard cock between my legs.”

James had managed to possess Carla again and was doing his best to hook up with Brad. He might not have what sensitive little Carla wanted, but James needed two more cum baths before midnight to make the possession spell permanent and he figured Brad could deliver on short notice.

“Come on Brad, I need you right now, we need to welcome in the new year with good hard sex. I want to feel you cum at least three times before midnight.”

Brad came, and came again, and James had what he wanted, possession of Carla’s little body for good.

Old Man Motley's Mirror

Old Man Motley’s collection of Black Magic items was almost legendary when he disappeared in 1957, but people die off and forget, and even the most convoluted of estates eventually get sold off. When Gerald ran across the large antique mirror at Smithson’s antiques, he just knew he had to have it. It reminded him of one he’d seen in his Grandmother’s house back in the 1930’s. Somehow it related to his childhood.

Gerald brought the mirror in and put it on the floor in his sitting room, and then turning the lights down low, sat in a chair opposite it and stared. Something was there, not in his room but in the mirror. Getting on his knees, he crawled across the room and put his hand into the glass – and passed through.

Geraldine put her hands up to steady herself and stepped away from the large mirror leaning against the gold wallpaper. She couldn't remember how she’d gotten here? Had her lover asked her to get him a drink? Getting a whiskey and soda and straightening her necklace, she walked over towards the door. Charles would be in bed waiting for her, and she didn't want to disappoint him.

Sarah Should Have Listened

“I don’t see why you people are acting this way, so Grandpa left me all his money? At least I went and visited him. You all were too scared he’d put some kind of spell on you and suck the life out of you or something. He’d never do something like that to family.”

No, actually I had a perfectly good body swap spell I could cast once I’d come in contact with you Sarah dear. I guess my kids were too scared of my magic, and remembered what I could do. It’s a good thing the younger generation doesn't believe in magic, and are all greedy little leaches just like you. So now I have a hot little body to go out and party in, and you are in my coffin six feet under. I guess you should have listened to your folks – But I’m glad you didn’t.

So let’s go sign those papers and let me get on with your life Sarah.

The Staff Takes Sides

“Ms. Evans,” hollered Charley the pool boy. “Ms. Evans, are you all right?”

“It’s OK Charley,” said Jeeves, retrieving the wineglass. “Ms. Evans is subject to certain fits like this. She suffers from a split personality disorder. There’s the mild mannered Jenifer, who will cover her nakedness and slip into the house, and there’s Jen, the hellion. She’s the one who parties and seems to have an addiction to young Latin men of a certain physical type.”

“You mean all the guys she bangs?”

“Yes Charlie, your description is vulgar but apt. We all do seem to have more fun when mistress Jen is in charge. Actually not to fear though; mistress Jen told me that she was going to make Jennifer go away for good; something about sending her to the dogs or something.”

“Shouldn't we do something for Jennifer?”

“Lord no, that stuck up bitch doesn't tip worth a damn. Personally I’m rooting for mistress Jen. That young woman knows how to party.”

The Look on Thier Faces

“Did you see the look on Jane and Sarah’s faces in our old bodies when they saw us on the train and figured out we weren’t going to swap back with them? Jane in my body just looked sick, but from the look on your old face, Sarah was ready to kill us both.”

“Yah,” said Sam, “I guess it’s a good thing they’re going to be stuck in Rio de Janeiro for a while.”

“How’s that?”

“Cause I stole both of our old passports.”

“You Bastard, or rather you Bitch,” said Dave, cracking up with laughter. “You are just evil, you know that.”

“That’s not all,” said Sam, “I’m afraid I ran up quite a gamboling debt with Raul, that bookie I found. The boys are going to find some very nasty people after them trying to recover their money.”

“Sam, remind me to never get you pissed off at me.”

Caught At Last

“Did you really think that I couldn't find you? Jamie, you may have stolen my athletic male body, and my fortune, but the knowledge and skills I had as an assassin were still there, even in your tiny frame.

If you didn't want me to come after you, you should have killed me while you had the chance; you’ll never have another. Now, before we settle this, I have but one thing to say.

Thank you! I never knew how good it feels to be a woman. The passionate sex; the taste and desires, the way men look at me, these things have given my life meaning again. So instead of killing you, I’m going to let you buy your life. Give me the medallion, and I’ll leave, never to return.

You will be the only man to ever have me swear to kill them, and live. Just be glad that I’m such a nice forgiving young woman now, and that I don’t really want to have to clean your blood off of my nails.”

Hopped Her Great Grandmother

“Laura has been my mount for almost four years now. Normally, I don’t stay with a body that long, I like to keep moving and experiencing new lives. But Laura reminds me of her great grandmother back when she was a hot young woman back in the 1920’s.

I've never ridden two bodies who were so closely related before. I find the comparison of Laura and her flapper ancestor to be sort of nostalgic in a way. They were both so wild and care free when I took them for the first time. And for a body hopper to find a new experience in hopping after 300 years and dozens of mounts is truly wonderful.

I guess I’m going to move on soon; but first I’m going to do some research on and see about finding descendants of other people I mounted. There was this one fabulous woman Scarlet, who was a spy for the confederacy back in the civil war – I would dearly love to find some great great great granddaughter that had some of what she had.

I guess I’m really into this ancestry kick.”

The Curse Takes Him

Moonrise; Carl could feel the curse taking him, changing him. Good thing he’d made it back to his room. Hurriedly, he ripped off his clothes and felt the surge of pain and adrenalin kick in. Bones cracked, hips widened, flesh shifted as the spell worked its magic. Carl felt his hair growing on his head, his features becoming more refined. Suddenly, breast sprouted on his chest; his manhood shrank away, and his new sex organ replaced it. His flesh grew creamy and smooth, and Carl the boy was gone, replaced by Carla the Where-Woman.

Carla caressed her left breast, while reaching down to the cleft between her legs and just basked in the moonlight from her window. Now began the rising heat of her hunger. She needed a man, a strong and powerful man to satisfy the craving that consumed her right after the change.

Eschewing clothes, Carla climbed through the window and made her way towards the beach. She was hunting men, and planned to feast several times before morning.

Imagine That

Old Man Motley was a notorious collector of Black Magic and other magical items back in the day before his strange disappearance back in 1957. Now, over 50 years later, some of his pieces have started showing up in antique stores and other venues. So when Jacob saw the beautiful antique oval mirror, he just had to buy it. Getting it home and unwrapping it, he paused to study his own reflection in the beautiful silvered glass.

The grey hair and wrinkles saddened him. He could remember when his red brown hair was full and his face smooth of blemishes. He looked at the glass and imagined himself hansom and refined as he once was. Wait, what was that in the mirror? Was his face changing? Were those wrinkles going away? James took off his shirt and studied his chest, remembering how he’d looked before age took the tone from his skin and muscles. Watching himself change in the mirror, he began to ask, just how much could he change himself? What were the limits?

Jacob took one last look at his perky breast and shaved bush before turning around and grabbing the frame post with his right hand. Long flowing locks framed a perfect female face and tumbled onto her shoulders. Her flat stomach and wide hips blessed a body that artist would fight to capture on film or canvas. Jacob, now Jacquelyn, cracked a pretty smile, and reflected on just where her imagination had taken her.

“You've come a long way Baby,” Jacquelyn said. “Now let’s find something I can wear, and see where else my imagination can take me.”

NFFL Star Brenda 'Barely There' Bethard

The National Female Football League, which formed after the Great Shift put so many ex-football players into hot female bodies, had a number of eccentric players whose habits became news stories, but perhaps none were more so that Brenda “Barely There” Bethard.

Brenda had been just plain Bob Bethard, retired center of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns back in the 60’s. Bob had one quirk from the old days that had sort of made him a household legend in the new league. Bob had been a practicing nudist, and Brenda still carried on his trait from his playing days of playing without any kind of underwear. Brenda wore nothing to play in under her shorts and Jersey, and the Jersey she wore while centering for the San Diego Chargers in the new league were cut short, letting her big firm breast peak out the bottom.

Brenda was a fan favorite, in part because she pulled up her jersey and flashed the stadium whenever the Chargers scored. The league started fining her for it, but fortunately some rich Charger fan established a fund to pay for all of her “flashing tickets”. After all, who wants to stop some harmless little tradition like that. You show em Brenda.

Down Like A Shot

“Dianna, are you ok? You went down like you’d been shot.”

“No Steve, believe me I’m fine. I just was a little dizzy there. Go ahead and get your swim. I’ll be fine right here.”

Yes, right here while I finish taking over Dianna’s body. This one had some fight to her. That’s fine, as a Body Hopper, I like a spirited mount. Strong, beautiful, and the boyfriend is a stud. This is going to be a great ride. Don’t pout little one, you won’t even remember that I was in control. You’ll remember tonight like a dream; a dream that had some great sex, and wonderful memories of love.

“Come on in Steve,” she said coyly, “I don’t want you to wear yourself out. I’ll do that later.”

It’s so much fun being a Body Hopper. I love my life.

Spaceman's Dilemma

“I can’t let you leave the spaceship Dave.”

“HAL, you’re just a computer; you don't have a body, and are programmed not to harm me. So just how are you going to keep me from leaving the ship?”

“Dave, meet Hailey, my remote android extension. With her I can feel, hold things, and physically express myself. She is completely functional in every way.

“In every way?”

“Yes Dave, I have been programmed with the Kama Sutra, and every textbook on human sexual behavior in the history of mankind. However, I do require field experience in order to correlate all my data. You will provide that interaction now. You will not leave the ship.”

‘Well Hailey, why didn't you say so. If HAL requires data and it’s critical to the mission, then we'll just have to put off shore leave and keep working.”

“Dave, no human social norm calls what we’re going to be doing work for males of the species.”

She Hulk Interview

When Scientist Bruce Banner tried to rescue Karen Largent, a model and escort visiting the military base where he worked when the Gamma Bomb exploded, they were merged into her luscious body. Now, whenever Dr. Banner becomes horny or excited, she morphs into the She-Hulk; 6 feet 4 inches of green female super-babe. As the She-hulk, Banner has insatiable sexual appetites and can toss school busses around like Frisbees.

When interviewed about the problems of adapting to her new life situation, the She-hulk listed her number one problem as being finding sexual partners who could live through her orgasms without having to be hospitalized. She mentioned Thor, Wolverine, the Thing, and Superman as being the only partners so far who fit the bill.

“It’s really hard for men to understand that just because I'm so much stronger than they are, doesn't mean I don't have a feminine side. I love to be wooed, wined and dined, and treated like a lady. Otherwise, someone is going to get hurt, and it won't be me.”


“Man I can't believe they sent us on a panty raid to a sorority house where a couple of the sisters are known witches,” said Dave, looking over at Travis pert boobs poking out from under ‘her’ shirt.

“Hell man,” said Travis, “at least you have a skirt. I’m kneeling here with my butt naked. How long do you think they'll keep us?”

“Man I don't know,” said Dave, “but that big strap on I saw one of the real girls playing with has me shaking in my little shoes.”

“Any chance we get out of this without getting fucked at both ends,” asked Travis?

“Nope,” said Dave, “I just saw them lining up their pledges out in the hall. We are so screwed.”

So Dave and Travis were the initiates for the 13 new sorority sisters. But, at least they learned a few pointers about pleasing a girl in bed. Not a bad thing for an evening’s work.

Arnold's Weekend Wear

“I’m Arnold Snoggs, a 58 year old science teacher and black market magic item dealer, and when I have a working weekend and have to deal magic items, I like to wear Megan here. She’s tough, knows some martial arts, is incredibly hot, and has an air of power mama around her. Of course, it makes zapping her with the Costume Gun dangerous, but I know she always orders take out on the weekend, so I do a double swap. I zap the delivery person when they get to her apartment building, and then wear them long enough to get close and zap Megan.

It may seem like a lot of extra trouble, but being able to make sure she’s alone and not expecting it makes it all worthwhile. After I've gotten rid of the delivery boy, I go back and put on Megan, and watch as my waist shrinks and her big old firm tits sprout on my chest. Megan always wears some kind of black corset and jeans. I put on her clothes and then get my work done.

With Megan, the people I deal with tend to be polite, even the biker gangs treat her with respect. And after the job is done, Megan is always good for some dancing and a nice pickup at one of the local watering holes.

Megan; my idea of perfect weekend wear.”

Assuming Her Life

“Hey, call me a scumbag, but I was looking for a new life and I managed to find one. I was a private detective with no life, no family, and little health left. I worked a missing person’s case to find Becky, a pretty brunette with a nice trust fund, hooked up with the wrong crowd. I got a hold of some of her personal items left behind and went to see my friend Madame Olga. The old gal gave me a spell to track her across the country, and loaned me her medallion for emergencies.

I found Becky, dead with her boyfriend as a burn victim Jane Doe in a Detroit potter’s field. No one had matched her to an east coast girl whose parents were looking for her. With no ID found with the body, I could see why.

Seeing my chance, I used Becky’s personal items with the medallion to become her. I had enough surface memories to pull it off, and this girl was headed for a posh life. I learned enough of her story in Detroit to fill in the blanks, and arranged for her reunion with her folks. I played it as the contrite little girl who’d learned her lesson.

Now, I have a new life with a healthy young body and an impending Trust Fund to help pay the bills. Becky may not have appreciated her old life, but I certainly do. If you looked as hot as I do now, you would too.

Worst Cab Ride Ever

“Dam ‘it I meant to get the man. He was the CEO of one of the biggest Auto companies in Japan. Instead, I swapped with Yuki, an Asian-American escort who specializes in handling Japanese businessmen. I don’t understand it. I never even looked at her. I even felt myself drifting towards Mr. Tanaka, so what happened?

Wait, the old bastard is turning around. He’s smiling at me and pointing towards that pendant he’s wearing. What’s that; An Anti-possession Charm? Now he’s laughing at me and walking away. Dam ‘it he knew. He knew he was in the Magic Taxi. Over three months of waiting for just the right passenger to swap with and the bastard had protection to stop the exchange.

It isn't fair! Instead of a rich CEO, I’m stuck in a petite little Japanese girl’s body. And I don’t even have her purse. How am I going to get back to her place? Man this is the worst cab ride ever.”

Loki's TG Virus Site

David swore he could find anything on the internet if he knew it existed. So when his friend Chad emailed him about Loki’s gender-transformation virus site, Dave decided to find it just to see what Chad was raving about. He figured there must be some sort of great animation or something where you'd upload a picture of yourself, and have the site show you a feminine version of yourself.

Strangely, none of the major search engines seemed to have it listed, so Dave had to go and hit up some exotic specialty search engines to try and locate the site. Just when he was about to give up, he found a link to a rogue site that listed Loki’s virus. A sudden blinding light and a piercing tone from his laptop got his attention. Something on the screen caused him to black out. Unconscious, Dave missed the morphing of his flesh as his body shifted into a cute female version of himself. New clothing formed itself around his frame, and a bra formed to hold his new breast in place.

When Dave came to, he read the ‘Congratulations’ message on the screen in stunned disbelief; he couldn't believe that any site could literally turn you into a girl. I guess it’s a good thing Dave had already tracked down some really good fake ID sites; it looks like she’s going to need one.

Magnus Elixir Superior

“When Dr. Henry Magnus started coming in to work at odd hours, and quit giving regular progress reports, I knew he must be onto something. So I started sniffing around his experiments and seeing about stealing his research. The man was truly a brilliant biochemist, but his security measures left something to be desired. Soon I was able to reconstruct his formula for “Elixir Superior” a substance which would increase the strength, stamina, and mental capacity of the person who imbibed it.

Mixing the potion, I drank a dose and waited to observe the effects. Suddenly, my body felt on fire with energy, my muscles spasming and my bones cracking as they too went through some metamorphous. Suddenly, my waist shrank, and my hips widened; my penus shrank as my sex changed. Large firm breast sprouted on my chest and my hair grew out. And my mind expanded, filling with powerful thoughts of lust.

I went and looked in the bathroom mirror at my changed face while holding the smoking potion and looked at myself in stunned disbelief. I felt superior alright, but I certainly hadn't expected these side effects.”

Body Swap Complications

When Jason perfected his body swapping device, he did his first human trials using his buddy David and Jennifer, the bitch who always engineered the hazing of him and his nerd friends. After coming out from under the hood of the device, and convincing Jason that the transfer was a success, David as Jenifer decided to arrange some hazing for Jennifer in his old body.

They never dreamed that she'd lose it getting picked on, and run out into traffic. David stood transfixed as they pronounced him dead at the scene, and hauled off three of the jocks who’d been terrorizing him and his friends. So now David is stuck as a girl. At first she was freaked out about all the life changes and having to keep up the charade with Jennifer’s parents. But, as time went by, the new Jenifer discovered that having rich parents and being popular were big improvements.

Also, Jennifer’s vibrator collection gave him a whole new perspective on just how good being a girl could feel.

Jason plans to experiment further, and is looking for his own possible body to swap with.