Woman Who Could Cheat Death

Dr Bonner was 104 when he perfected his alchemy experiments and developed a version of the elixir. Knowing his time was running out, the good doctor drained his vial, and then suffered incredible pain as his body morphed, bones crunching and shifting into a smaller female frame. His withered wrinkled flesh filled out with the bloom of youth, and his body developed breast and a female slit, replacing his manhood in a period of minutes.

When the process was done, the doctor dressed in a red corset and stockings, and then parched on the edge of her desk, staring into space. She had managed to roll the clock back 80 years, but at the price of her maleness. And there was no way she was going to let the effects wear off to try a modified elixir. She was stuck as a young woman, a very honey young woman, with decades of suppressed sexual desire to express.

The man who could cheat death was no more; now there was a woman who could cheat death instead.


As happens with all things, the criminal element learned about professor Jefferies research with the Alien Morphic Adaption Unit. In this case one George La Fay, a clever retired cat burglar, heard of the mal-functioning device, and decided to use it to his advantage.

Easily bypassing security, he powered up the machine and programmed it to transform him into a copy of Gina, a young female contortionist and gymnast. The MAU continued to mal-function, producing four Gina’s from a single George. The new Gina and her sisters were unfazed, for they had planned for this contingency.

Now, a new master criminal is haunting the streets, committing thefts in art galleries, jewelry stores, and apartments of the rich. She has managed to keep her face from becoming known, and has eluded capture for months. One of the reasons for this is that Gina has created a persona of twin sisters, Gina and Georgette, who frequent the club scene and seem to be always on camera when the robberies take place.

With four copies to share the jobs, they have been able to completely confuse the police and always have a rock solid alibi. So until one of them is caught, this team of thieving quadruplets will run everyone ragged.

Cab Driver Again

“When I escaped the magic taxi and took over Audrey’s life by mistake, I thought my days of driving a taxi were over. But, I really didn't have any desire to work as a prostitute like she did, and I needed a job. I tried being a waitress, but I wasn't very good at it. And, I’d had all that practice driving a cab, so I became a taxi driver.

It’s not that bad. I get much better tips than I did in that fat slob’s body, particularly when I warn the good fares to be on the lookout for that cab and stay out of it. And I do have the satisfaction of telling the real assholes about this cab with a particular number, driven by this fat grease ball who gives rich fares a discount for long trips.

I figure maybe I can do a little karma payback that way. Anyhow, you make sure and Have a nice day.”

NFFL Stars - The Sanchez Sisters

The Great Shift did seem to play havoc with athletes and Celebrities, seemingly shifting them into some truly ridiculous situations. In this case, twin brothers John and James Summers, a pair of ex-NFL linebackers, ended up shifted into Maria and Manuela Sanchez, a pair of sisters who danced at ‘Players’ gentlemen’s club. Fortunately, the sisters were big fit healthy girls, and the brothers were able to join the National Female Football League.

Maria plays for the Raiders, while her sister Manuela plays for the Broncos. They are both defensive players, so they rarely meet on the field, except on kickoffs and punt returns. When they do manage to meet, things can get pretty catty, so when their teams play, check out the extracurricular stuff after the kicks. These two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

Go Sanchez sisters.

Caretaker's Reward

“I was a beach comber back in the sixties, bagging seashells, sea glass, and other treasures, and picking up the trash and litter that follows mankind everywhere. I've kept at it, even though my nephews have tried to put me in a home to rot away somewhere. Then yesterday, I found this necklace washed up on shore. I hadn't planned to put it on, but something made me put it around my neck.

I felt this pain, beginning in my groin, and then running up the rest of my body. I fell to my knees, and reached as my body burned and shifted. I grew smaller and rounder, my flesh filling out. Breast sprouted on my chest, and my hair grew out and filled in. When, the pain subsided, I got to my feet and took stock of myself.

I’d turned into a girl, a beautiful tanned goddess like I use to look at forty years ago. I guess Mother Nature decided to reward me for all those years of looking after her beaches. I’m going to go see about scrounging some clothes and finding some company for tonight – some young male company.”

Taking Over for Mavis

“Wow, finally out of that crappy Taxi Drivers body. Now Mavis here is something I can live with. Hot, divorced, and drawing a big old alimony check from her CEO ex-husband. Her memories show me she had something going with her physical trainer, her apartment manager, and her hair stylist. This girl trades favors like a politician.

Well, I won’t make any changes for now. Seems like a pretty good life to steal. We’ll just go with the flow and see what sex as a girl is all about. It seems Mavis was a real pro at it, so I shouldn't have any problems if I just follow her instincts.

That, and I have the strangest craving to go someplace and shop.”

Joy Riding Glenda

“If Glenda here looks like she’s kind of drunk, it’s because I've possessed her for the last 12 hours or so. Sadly, that’s as long as my spell last. But I can tell you that the last few hours was some of the best sex as a woman I ever had. This girl has a libido like you wouldn't believe. When Glenda is revved up, she can come multiple times.

I’m going to take a day or so to rest up, and then take her out again on Friday night. She may wake up in some strange guy’s bed Saturday morning, but until then her ass and boobs and mouth are all mine. It’s like I stole my dad’s Ferrari for a joy ride, only better; because this ride practically drives itself. Just point her at a hot guy and hang on for dear life.”

Love Growing Those Tits

Young Luke had borrowed his Uncle Arnold’s Costume Gun for an hour or so, long enough to zap Melissa, a hot blonde senior at his high school. She’d never give a lowly freshman like him the time of day, but now she was going to give him a great weekend in her skin.

Watching her deflate, he quickly got out of his own clothes and reached for her quivering skin. He slipped her on, first getting her head and face on over his own, and then slipping the rest of her body over his own flabby frame. Then he watched, transfixed as his body morphed and shifted into a copy of Melissa. Luke couldn't take his eyes off of the big round boobs puffing out on his chest. God, the site just made him cum right there kneeling on her bed.

Quickly dressing, he drove her car over to his uncle Arnold’s long enough to put the Costume Gun up and leave a quick note. ‘Uncle Arnold, I borrowed the C.G. and used it with a friend. It’s back in the cabinet. I’ll get with you later to fix her up.’ Then he signed it and headed for the football game. Melissa was a drill team member, and he planned to get her drilled tonight.

The Ultra-Babe Protocol

Gavin was a science geek with a real problem. He was tired of not getting any dates. Hay, maybe he didn't have any muscles, and girls just laughed at him; he knew he could parley his research into nano-bots into some physical improvements for himself and his nerd friends.

When his friend Darrel managed to score a supply of proto-type nano-bots from a research lab; Gavin knew he was close. He’d developed two enhancement protocols: Macho-man, designed to give a geek like him the body of a male hunk; and Ultra-babe, designed to turn any girl into a sexual wild woman with stripper’s tits.

He’d prepared a dose of Ultra-babe bots to give to Cathy, a girl in his class as his test subject, when a couple of jocks broke into his lab and dosed him with his own sample.

When Gavin woke up hours later, he called up Darrel on Skype and begged him to come over. Apparently, the Ultra-babe protocol makes you really really Horney.

NFFL Star Kelly "Dumb Blonde" Cooper

The Great Shift was directly responsible for the formation of the National Female football League, a group which became immensely popular both with the TV Networks, and with Vegas. Perhaps the most frustrating player for gamblers and fantasy football players in the new league was San Diego Quarterback Kelly “Dumb Blonde” Cooper.

Though possessing a good football mind, and an arm that could throw strikes down the field, Kelly had a terrible habit of throwing key interceptions when the game was on the line. She seemed to suffer from more bad luck on tipped balls and unseen safeties, than any other quarterback in the league.

Fortunately for Kelly, there was a large part of her fan base that supported her despite her football gaffs. Hay, dumb blondes can’t help their condition – it’s genetic.

Reformed Logger

“I used to not give a hoot about the forest I worked in; just point me at the trees, and tell me which way you want them to fall. Looking at me now, you’d never guess that I’d been a big old burly lumberjack until yesterday.

That’s when the dyad queen decided to make an example of me. I was all ready to take down her personal tree, when she cast her spell. I fell to the earth like I’d been chopped down, and started to shrink. It felt like someone was using a chainsaw on me, the pain was so intense.

My bones cracked and shifted; my body hair fell off, and I grew weak and petite. My hair turned a bright orange read, and my skin grew pale, like I’d never been in the sun. And my jeans and shirt turned into a little short green backless dress that barely covered anything.

And when we were done, I sat down grabbed my knees and cried. I was one with the forest now, and I felt all the pain and anguish I’d caused. So please don’t cut down the trees; I’ll do anything you’d like if you’ll leave my trees alone.”

Dr Jekyll's Serum is Stolen

Ava had worked as a lowly tech at the lab where Dr. Jekyll had perfected her Bio-enhancement serum. And, with her forced retirement coming up, she had to act quickly. She managed to break into the storage area where Ms Jekyll kept her notes and current supply of serum, and inject herself with the stuff.

The cameras were turned off in this lab, or the security guards would have been party to a strange sight; a broken down wrinkled 70 year old woman rolling on the floor as her body morphed and shifted as 40 years fell away. Ava’s skin grew firm and her breast lifted up on her chest. Her waist grew trim and her caves and buttocks filled out. Her face grew smooth and wrinkle free and her eyes became clear and sparkling.

Ava got to her feet and checked herself out. She had never looked this good, even in her youth. The serum had made her the kind of hot babe that she’d looked like only in her wildest dreams. Grabbing Dr. Jekyll’s files and the container of serum, she ran out into the night, never to be heard from again, at least in her own name.

Girls Have More Fun

“When I got my hands on those possession candles, I thought I’d take over John’s body, you know the chick magnet quarterback with the abs and the hot car. But when I tried, I found myself attracted to Kendra here. They were having sex, and her orgasms were so intense, I just had to try that out and see what it felt like.

I slipped into her and was just rolled over by this intense tide of hormones and pleasure. And when John finished, she went in for a shower and masturbated a couple of more times right there. What a dynamo she is. And her plans for that night were already bubbling. She had clubbing plans with some rich college boys.

So now, I never bother trying to possess guys anymore, Kendra here has definitely convinced me that girls have more fun.”

Body Hopping Gone Bad

“I have this really bad habit of body hopping girls, and then leaving them in embarrassing situations. I've had other body hoppers get on me for it, saying it’s juvenile and tends to get the authorities looking for magical possessions. I just can’t help myself. The look on those girl’s faces when they find themselves sitting naked on a park bench in broad daylight, or pulling their shirt open in the stands of a baseball game is priceless.

Best of all is when I've hopped a really pretty girl, gone out for great sex, and then left her disrobed with no clue what she’s been doing or how she got there. And when their boyfriends and parents hear about it, well let’s just say I've gotten more girls into rehab than you can count; Most of them totally innocent.

So if your girlfriend or daughter has a sudden case of public lewdness, coupled with blackouts, don’t blame her. It’s probably a case of body hopping gone bad.”

Permanent Possession

“That’s it then; I've burned the spell I managed to write in her blood, and made my possession of Janice permanent. No more having to gather components when I did manage to possess her body. No more being flung back into my sick fat geeky body when her hair and nails were completely consumed. I’m free of all that.

Of course my folks will find me in a coma, and have to deal with my old body, but that’s their problem. I’ll have a new mommy and daddy who live in Europe 10 months of the year, and let their precious Janice do whatever she wants.

I have her surface memories and her diaries to help me go unnoticed, not that it really matters. The way she ran through boyfriends, who’s there to figure out she’s changed? Sorry Janice, the only reason anyone played at being your friend was your money and your looks. Hell, that’s the only reason I was attracted to you.

I know I can do a better job living your life than you did.”

Once a Lawyer Always a Lawyer

“You may not think that much of my choice of Rachel here as a new body after driving the magic taxi for 4 months. But she’s pretty, she’s young, and she’s passed the New York Bar exam. Before my stint as a Taxi Driver, I was one of the best Divorce Lawyers on the East coast. I could protect a man’s assets or carve him up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Yes, the person who took over my life quit practicing law; he didn't know what I know. But I just live to go into a courtroom and tear people up on the stand. So now, here I've got years of experience and dirty tricks in this sweet innocent package. I know just the things to say to women to gain their confidence, and I’m going to have even more fun sticking it to men who should know better.

I'm going to clean up and have fun doing it. Plus Rachel's memories show that the sex with all these alpha males is pretty good too. So for me: Once a lawyer, always a lawyer.”

Wishing for Good Grades

Jerry was a bit of a nerd. But, he was also a nice guy, and a great chemistry tutor, so a couple of the sororities gave his name out for sisters who needed science help. Mora desperately needed that help. Though she usually could get her male teachers to give her a break on her grades, her professor was gay and immune to her charms. So, she bent her efforts on Jerry instead.

Jerry had tried every trick her knew to help her pass her exams: mnemonics, cramming, flash cards; nothing seemed to work. He called a break for the night and began walking home. Passing the old fountain by the science building, he reached in his pocket for a coin, tossed it in and said, “I wish I could take this test for you Mora.”

Suddenly, an eerie light glowed around him and he felt his body growing insubstantial. He flowed away on the wind back towards the house where he’d left Mora packing up. Drifting through the wall, he came to her room and flowed up her nose. Mora coughed and sputtered, and he felt disoriented. Then he was the one coughing. When he stopped, he rose to his knees and shifted his long black hair where he could see, and got slowly to her feet. He was wearing heels. Those weren't his feet. Somehow, he was in Mora's body. He could sense her in here with him, but dormant.

Well, he thought, whatever else happens, at least Mora should ace her chemistry exam.

Belated Gift

Jane looked carefully at the small jewelry box with the green lid which she’d received as her inheritance from her great uncle Edgar. Rumor was that he’d had millions of dollars stashed in offshore bank accounts, but so far, none of her relatives had been able to find any papers concerning the money.

Edgar had some truly strange hobbies, including black magic which he’d spent his money on in life, so a lot of the family was glad to see him dead and buried. Jane had never been close to the old man, but she was glad for the bequest, figuring at least she got something out of him. She opened the box, and looked at the heavy silver pin inside. Reaching for it, she managed to prick her finger and draw blood. Without even thinking about it, she sucked on the tiny wound.

Suddenly, her sight dimmed, and some malign force held her body stiff – she was paralyzed. Jane felt a presence, flooding her mind, first a trickle, and then a flood as her great uncle Edgar possessed her and forced her down into darkness.

“So Jane, you finally opened my little gift. And it’s a good thing too, another week and I wouldn't have been able to come back. Now let’s get your computer and check on my money. We have some changes to make in your life.”

Removing the Competition

The last thing Gerald remembered was having a drink at the bar with a beautiful raven haired woman. Now he was bound and groggy, kneeling on the floor. “You won’t get away with this. I have friends in Law enforcement.”

“Gerald, my name is Mistress Dawn, and you have been a very bad boy. In fact, you've been so bad that one of my clients paid me to do this.” Reaching in her pocket, she pulled out a bottle of some vile pink concoction and poured it on Gerald’s head and face.

“Arrragh,” Gerald screamed as the potion burned him. His body felt odd, like his bones had all turned to jelly. He fell to the ground in pain, before passing out. Unconscious, he missed the shrinking of his body from a tall athletic 6’ 2” down to a slender 5’ 4”. His skin grew creamy and pale; his hair changed to ash blonde, and grew some inches on his head. Ripping away his clothes showed his waist had become thin and girlish, and his proud foot long penis was nowhere in sight. And finally, a curvy set of breast had sprouted from his chest.

“Leah, Constance, please get the former Gerald dressed and made up for his photo op. We must show the client that his competitor has been changed for the better. Perhaps he’ll even take her off my hands, if he’ll meet my price.”

Disaster on Flight 469

When some Bio-terrorist inadvertently released a canister of Super Feminizing Virus on board flight 469 to Honolulu Hawaii, it was thought that everyone on board who could land the plane would be incapacitated at the critical time. Fortunately, the female flight attendants were able to make radio contact, and the CDC was able to provide a treatment regimen which speeded up the progress of the virus for the Pilot and Co-pilot.

So, six hours after their initial infection, both pilots were able to make the scheduled landing at Honolulu without further mishap. However, there were some side effects to the treatment regimen. Both 63 year old Pilot Arnie Dawson and 57 year old Co-pilot James Williams (pictured) have reported extreme levels of hornyness, beyond what the virus supposedly causes.

Fortunately, even though they are in quarantine, they at least have each other.

Midnight Snack

It’s a good thing that Glen can use the Medallion of Zulo to keep Tanya’s shape. Otherwise his eating habits would make the luscious Tanya blow up like a balloon. As it is, he still can’t stay out of the refrigerator to save his soul.

It has turned out well for his sexual partners though. This model of Tanya can’t get enough cum under any circumstances. She just blows and blows.

Come on back to bed Tanya, there’s a foot long just waiting for your attentions.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

“Arnold Snoggs here, 58 year old high school science teacher and Costume Gun addict. I also trade in black market Magic Items, so when I needed to make a business trip to Barbados in the Caribbean, I picked out the lovely Jill, a sometime travel agent who made frequent trips to the area. A quick zap with my Mark II gave me a beautiful Jill suit that I quickly put on and morphed into.

Not only was Jill a perfect cover for my business, she also knew all the island hot spots, and that girl could hold her liquor as well as anyone I’d ever seen. She was like the girl in the Indiana Jones movies, putting away lesser mortals with ease. And, she helped me get a couple of reluctant wizards to go ahead and close the deal on moving some potions, and magical jewelry pieces. After all, boys will be boys, and none of them seem to be able to do business without some sex and alcohol to lubricate the wheels.

And, that last night, After I’d shipped everything home; I took Jill out for a little fun with one of her island friends who must be some kind of sex addict – the man stayed hard for hours. So besides the fact I can’t claim any of my purchases on my taxes, this was a perfect trip. Oh well, you can’t have everything.”

But Can She Act

The sister fates, three sisters who pooled their resources to take dying people and help them achieve new lives and identities by matching them with recently deceased young people, and using the magic typewriter to alter reality and fit them in. Joyce, the hospice worker, had an unusual case that she wanted to try and help.

Ron had been a relatively famous Porn Star back in the day before age, and a couple of heart attacks had forced him into retirement. Ron had something almost no one in porn had – he could actually act. He had the kind of charisma that let him talk his way into anything, and had managed to talk Joyce into going to bat for him. Jeanine did have a Porn Star who had just died, a young woman who had OD’ed on drugs, apparently by accident. Would Ron consider changing sexes to get back in the game? Ron was more than willing. Apparently women in the Porn game made more money than men anyway.

So now Ronnie has made a miraculous recovery and is back on the set. And the producers can’t get enough of the new Ronnie; she’s just as hot as she ever was and now, she’s got some real stage presence; the girl has really learned how to act.

The Tale of the Tape

Old man Motley had collected cursed and novelty magic items for nearly 70 years, until that night in 1957 when he vanished without a trace, leaving his estate in a legal mess. Only now, with his various relatives dying off, are many of those items coming on the market. When George found the old reel-to-reel tape recorder in the sale, he knew he just had to have it. It looked to be in mint condition, so when he got it home, he decided to try it out.

He plugged it in, and pressed the play button to see what was on the tape. He heard a voice saying: “Looking down, you see you’re a tall redhead with fishnet stockings, a dark green corset supporting your ample breast, glasses, and a pageboy haircut. And, you have this overwhelming urge to go out and get laid.”

George reached for the stop button, and saw his slim manicured hand. He did a double take! Everything that the tape had said was true. He was a tall busty redhead, wanting to get laid. Feeling really strange, George, went and borrowed some clothes, and went out looking for action.

When he got home, he decided to see if he could record his own message, and change himself back into a guy. He plugged in the microphone, rewound the tape, and tried a message describing himself. But, when he tried to play it back, all he heard was: “Looking down, you see you’re a tall redhead …”.

First Time Bodyhopper Steps Out

“Man, if you’d told me that on my 16th birthday, I’d be out here on the street in a skimpy outfit with a mixed drink and a handful of Mardi Gras beads in my hand waiting on the parade, I’d have thought you were nuts. Of course until three months ago, I was a boy named James who was killed in an auto accident. That’s when I discovered that I was a body hopper.

Talk about your life changing event! I went from young nerd boy who girls didn’t give the time of day, to a free agent who could look like anyone I met. And since my first accidental possession was my neighbor Heather, I quickly learned that girls have some incredible abilities when it comes to sex.

Three months later and here I am, mounted up on Janice my party girl suit. You would not believe the kind of attention a big old rack like this brings you in the clubs, or then again maybe you would. Anyway, after tonight’s activities, I think I’ll give my old buddy Tom a call. I do owe him for keeping me sane those first few days. I guess a little pity sex wouldn't hurt.”