Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Everybody wandered what the real reason the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were able to escape the law and disappear was. Only now can we confirm that Butch had managed to find the Medallion of Zulo. This enabled the outlaws to take on the persona of two saloon girls at the critical moments when capture was eminent.

Here we have one of the few surviving photos of the twosome in disguise taking out a posse of bounty hunters who had caught up with them in South America. That’s Sundance with her fingers in her ears.

Way to go Butch and Sundance.

Back in the Ring

“Before the Great Shift, I was a retired pro boxer, with some brain damage. I had all kinds of problems from my career. Then suddenly, I’m 35 years younger, healthy, and with all my faculties. So, why go back to boxing?

Well, it’s what I know. I mostly do exhibitions now, either with other women, or with college boys. People just don’t believe that someone who looks like me can punch like an army mule on steroids. I've turned 40 years of boxing and conditioning experience into a great living.

And you should see my exercise videos; shadow boxing topless, with the sweat rolling down my breast is a real turn on. So boys, you’re welcome to hit on me. Just be aware if I don’t like it, I hit back.”

Take Her Life and Run With It

“I’m afraid that stupid look on the Taxi Driver’s face after the body swap looks just like mine when I was swapped out of my old body – stupid stunned amazement. Well at least I’m young and pretty well off. Sarah here has a nice allowance and a beautiful apartment thanks to dear old dad. And her memories show a boyfriend who is loaded both in his pants and his pocketbook.

I always wanted to try living as a hot young girl. They get all the breaks in our society, and their clothes really are to die for. I guess that says something about the old me, but I don’t care. Sarah will work out just fine, and her memories show that she really liked sex. I think I can take that and run with it.”

The Simple Life

Clyde had been a mountain man for almost all of his 83 years. With his hands crippled by arthritis, old Clyde was having a hard time keeping his larder full. That’s when he caught a magic talking fish, a fish who offered to make Clyde young and strong again, If he’d let her go.

Clyde offered to make the deal, provide the fish would make him a young woman instead of a man; he said he wanted something new in life. The fish agreed and the deal was struck.

Now, Claudia has taken over. She still has a lot of old Clyde’s habits, like bathing in the river nude, fishing, hunting, and living in the great outdoors with a minimum of modern technology. She also has her own reality show – turns out people would much rather watch a woman living in the wild with no clothes, rather than a man.

Claudia is being paid the big bucks for living the simple life.

Divorce Dego

“Jane here is a little confused by the blackout she has just experienced. Actually I possessed her for several hours to help her husband secure a divorce. She has no idea that she just spent this time at a hotel with her lover, being shot by surveillance cameras. That sex in the elevator is going to cost her big time in the pocket book.

Kind of sad that a Warlock with a possession spell is reduced to doing this to make ends meet, but hay we all have to eat. Besides, I do like the sex in these trophy wife bodies. And it’s not like most of these women weren't getting some on the side anyway. They were just being a little more discrete about it.

And me, I’m getting paid to possess these hot little numbers, and go and do what I love to do most – Have wild sex as a girl. Truly I have no shame.”

Uncle / Nephew Bonding

“Uncle Arnold thanks for taking me with you on spring break this year. The Bahamas are really great, and Stacy’s body rocks.”

“No problem Luke. I figured a little vacation where we could bond would be a good thing. And Cindy and Stacy have been bragging about this trip in my Science Class for the past two weeks. They had the tickets and reservations all set up. All I had to do was use the Costume Gun and zap them.”

“So do you have plans for this week?”

“One minor piece of business on Wednesday, otherwise its boys, brews, and boobs for the whole week; unless you've got something else in mind.”

“No that’s fine. I’m good with that.”

“Well, don’t think I don’t know about you and Gerry on that last trip. I’m not adverse to a little girl on girl action, if you swing that way. “

“With my uncle; let me get back to you on that.”

Sexual Curse

Gerry had been making out with this wild girl he’d picked up at the club when she bit him on the neck. He hollered at her, and she apologized for being too rough. She told him she just got crazy around this time of month. She managed to scale it back a bit, and their lovemaking continued. Afterwards, she helped bandage the wound, before she left, and Gerry thought nothing more about it.

A few days later, after the wound had completely healed over, Gerry started experiencing night sweats, and racing heartbeat for no apparent reason. He went to his doctor for some test, and started looking for the girl to see if she might have given him something, but he couldn't find her. His doctor said his blood work was negative, and his problems were all in his head.

Then, on the first night of the full moon, Gerry felt this burning sensation in his chest and groin. He though he was having a heart attack. His pulse raced, and his body morphed and changed. His dick shriveled away as his sex changed. He grew smaller, developed breast, and his body hair fell off. The hair on his head grew fuller and lengthened.

As the pain subsided, Gerry sat up in bed and looked out the window as the full moon called her. She needed a hard cock now. It was a craving like she’d never known. The curse of the Were woman had claimed yet another victim.

His Dream Girl

Ken had always had trouble getting pretty girls to go out with him. His rich grandmother decided to help him. She consulted Madame Olga and bought Ken a necklace to help him on his dates.

“Ken,” she said, “place this necklace on your date, and no matter how homely she looks, she will morph into the woman of your dreams.”

Ken thanked his grandmother for her marvelous gift, and went off to college. A few weeks later, Ken decided to send his grandmother a picture of his dream girl.

“Hold still Kendra,” said his boyfriend Darrel. “That’s a great pose. We don’t want to show the old girl too much, or she’ll flip out. After all, she’s your grandmother.”

Kendra just smiled, and moved closer to the plant. She knew Darrel would follow up her photo session with some hot sex. “Thanks grandmother,” she purred.

Geeves New Look

My 200th Caption

“Gerry, who is your new butler, she’s pretty hot.”

“Jim, I don’t have a new butler. I’d never get rid of Geeves here. He’s served my family for fifty years.”

“Man that is not old ugly butt Geeves. That guy looked like he had one foot in the grave.”

“Yes, but thanks to a good transformation spell; Geeves now has the body of Anna, the girl from the temp service who filled in for my housekeeper. So I get the best of both worlds; impeccable service and loyalty to go with that hot young body. Not that I can imagine anyone getting fresh with Geeves.”

“Yah, your right,” said Jim, “I've seen nuns that looked more approachable then her.”

“Yes, but I have seen a couple of sessions with a vibrator that give me hope for the old boy. She may seem like a cold fish on duty, but I think the hormones are having their way with her. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘The Butler did it.’”

Computer Virused

Chad loved browsing the TG Caption sites on Blogger and other carriers. He loved to fantasize about being morphed into a pretty girl, or having some magic act to transform him. Of course, he could then put it aside and go to his real job, and deal with his straight laced parents. But, it was fun to dream.

Tonight though, Chad is going to experience that dream. He clicked over on a link to a rogue site and was hit by a blinding light from his laptop and an electrical surge that coursed through his body. When he woke up he saw that his dick was gone, and he’d been transformed just like in some of the captions he loved to read.

The screen was locked up on a page which read: ‘Congratulations, you've just been subjected to an irreversible gender-transformation virus. Have a nice Day; signed Loki Trickster.’

I’m afraid Chad is going to have some explaining to do.