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Most sissies have no idea how to cum like a proper girl -WITHOUT touching that silly little thing between their legs. The path to truly being the best girl you can be lies with the ability to be satisfied by penetration. After all, it's the purpose for which you were created, right? The girl in the video has it, she knows her purpose..... :)

Tonight, I want you to take one of your dildos and penetrate your pussy. Use a LOT of lube and really FEEL it going in and out. Make it SUPER SLIPPERY. FEEL your lips gripping it. FEEL it rubbing against your prostate. you MAY NOT cum tonight - unless is is a result of penetration, no other circumstance is permitted. I want you to ONLY penetrate yourself for at least 30 minutes. In and out, rhythm, tempo, deeply....make love to the dildo. you may also suck on the other dildo while doing this as well as pinch your nipples and massage your breasts. Feel like a girl, be a girl. In and out. Suck the cock. Make love to the cock. Squeeze your tits. Pinch your nipples. BE the girl. you ARE a girl. Do it! I love you sissy.