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Anal Training

Before I get into this, I want to point out that I will be posting a calander of traning very soon. All of you little sissy faggots need more structure! I am quite surprised to read the emails that you have not trained in my absence. Becming the girl you were MEANT to be is YOUR task. you must want it more than I do. Sarifice and dedication are required to be a little girl.....so, decide if this is for you and, if so, DO IT!

For todays assignment, we are going to do some anal training. Every little sissy needs to have a smooth pussy ready to take cock at her man's command. It must be READY at all times  - besides, it's your destiny in life....why not embrace it?

****Before any anal activity make sure you are squeaky clean by douching...just sayin'*****

This may seem a bit unorthodox but trust me. If you are not already a golfer, I want you to go out and buy a sleeve of 3 golf balls. Golf balls are just about the rigt width to simulate a nice thick penis.So, let's take one out and put it in your mouth...get it all wet....it's OK to lube your pussy too....now press it in. Repeat this with another then the third. Pull up your panties and put on some heels.

Now for the fun part.....golf balls are covered in Surlyn. This gives them a smooth but non-slip surface. The coefficient of friction is quite high so the balls will move around in your pussy -causing them to 'grab' each other- as you move around. Take a walk in your heels. Feel the balls moving, clicking against each other, rolling a little? Feels good, right? And the BESTEST part is, not onlyare you getting the inside walls of you pussy used to having somthing in there, but you can do this anytime every day under your 'street clothes'. What fun!

After 30 minutes of walking, you may nub into your panties then push the balls out one by one with your panties intact. Of course, each one will need to be cleaned from remnant goo and pussy juice. Once finished, leave the panties on until the leftover goo dries and gets a little crusty. This is an unfortunate side effect for a girl who gets fucked in a 'quickie' then has to continue her day. A woman's work is never done!