Pakistani Wife Sharing Story Part 2

Here is the remaining part of Pakistani Wife Massage Story.He was about 6'2" 200 lbs with black hair and a medium build.He was wearing a Nike T-Shirt and jeans.He informed me to go back and get on the bed with a towel over me. I quickly disrobed down to my beautiful body and bare shaved pussy. Then I climbed up on the bed and pulled a towel over my butts after removing the nighties. He went into the washroom meanwhile and as he entered the room and greeted me,I was in all sort of happiness.He stepped up to the bed and began to put lotion all over me and began massaging it in.My poor husband may not like this Wife sharing but i do.
He treated me like a Hot Wife.He gave me a good rubbing sensual Massage all over my back and shoulders and I was nice and relaxed.He then worked down to my feet and began massaging up my legs.Slowly gaining my confidence and then he began rubbing up to my butts. Surprisingly I didn't even flinch. He kept it cool and worked from my ass back down my legs as if it were routine.After working my legs and massaging my feet for awhile he moved his hands up my inner thighs and reached my opening. I slowly shifted as if it felt good to me to feel his hands on my wet pussy. He kept his hand there working all around my vagina.
I let him go without a question.My body began to shudder in the excitement of that guys touch. There was and obvious attraction between the two of us that was helping with the chemistry of the massage. He worked back down my legs and slowly rubbed back up stopping to finger my pussy lips again bringing me to a shudder. Then he rubbed up to my ass and massaged it moving my towel up revealing my ass crack. He worked his hands all over my butts getting me all hot and bothered. After an hour of working his hands all over my body he informed me that he was finished. You could feel the sexual tension had built up.The perfect time for the tip conversation.
Right on cue the guy was.He informed me that I had paid for the massage, but forgot to tip me. I apologized and said just a minute as I went toward my purse. When I got there I realized I had no money. I apologized and informed him.I had left my money downstairs and informed him that I would have to bring him money later.I asked him to make it a happy ending.He was professional so he got my point quickly.He came towards my head side and started rubbing my breasts again while standing with an erect tool closer to my face.I can't bear more so I grabbed his tool.I started rubbing his tool while he was massaging my breasts.The Wife Massage has turned into a Wife Sharing session.

I went between his legs and began rubbing his crotch area of his sweats. He leaned forward enjoying the rub.Then he slid off his underwear to reveal his enlarged tool.He had signs of obvious attraction.I began rubbing his cock through.Slowly as to make sure my towel stayed on me.It was around 7 inches long and fairly thick,comparatively bigger than my poor husband. I slowly stroked his cock up and down getting him to full growth.He moaned in anticipation of what was to come.

I lowered my mouth down to his cock and licked around his balls slowly on up his shaft and inserted his cock into my mouth.He moaned in joy. I slowly ran her mouth up and down his cock taking in nearly half of his love-stick at a time.I paced myself slowly at first then rapidly began sucking his dick up and down while running my hand up and down his balls. He was screaming in the heat of it as to show just how good I sucks cock.His hands guiding my head up and down his manhood. I rotated my head side to side and up and down his big stick. Every few minutes I would take his cock out and lick up and down his shaft putting his balls in my mouth and giving a gentle suck on his sack while rubbing my hand up and down the shaft. He could no longer take it anymore and filled my mouth with hot come.

I was too hot now and a Hot Wife can't let it go without insertion,so I asked him to bang me for some time.His tool got ready again after a few minutes.He started pulling my legs to his shoulders and screwing me deep.I moaned as he penetrated deeper.He banged me for 5 minutes when i felt a wild orgasm.He went on screwing and finally deposited all his load deep inside my vagina.I was relaxed.I thanked him and quickly got dressed so that i could drop him before my husband's arrival.I hope your comments would tell me that my Wife Massage stories are hot or not.