Sexual Curse

Gerry had been making out with this wild girl he’d picked up at the club when she bit him on the neck. He hollered at her, and she apologized for being too rough. She told him she just got crazy around this time of month. She managed to scale it back a bit, and their lovemaking continued. Afterwards, she helped bandage the wound, before she left, and Gerry thought nothing more about it.

A few days later, after the wound had completely healed over, Gerry started experiencing night sweats, and racing heartbeat for no apparent reason. He went to his doctor for some test, and started looking for the girl to see if she might have given him something, but he couldn't find her. His doctor said his blood work was negative, and his problems were all in his head.

Then, on the first night of the full moon, Gerry felt this burning sensation in his chest and groin. He though he was having a heart attack. His pulse raced, and his body morphed and changed. His dick shriveled away as his sex changed. He grew smaller, developed breast, and his body hair fell off. The hair on his head grew fuller and lengthened.

As the pain subsided, Gerry sat up in bed and looked out the window as the full moon called her. She needed a hard cock now. It was a craving like she’d never known. The curse of the Were woman had claimed yet another victim.