Geeves New Look

My 200th Caption

“Gerry, who is your new butler, she’s pretty hot.”

“Jim, I don’t have a new butler. I’d never get rid of Geeves here. He’s served my family for fifty years.”

“Man that is not old ugly butt Geeves. That guy looked like he had one foot in the grave.”

“Yes, but thanks to a good transformation spell; Geeves now has the body of Anna, the girl from the temp service who filled in for my housekeeper. So I get the best of both worlds; impeccable service and loyalty to go with that hot young body. Not that I can imagine anyone getting fresh with Geeves.”

“Yah, your right,” said Jim, “I've seen nuns that looked more approachable then her.”

“Yes, but I have seen a couple of sessions with a vibrator that give me hope for the old boy. She may seem like a cold fish on duty, but I think the hormones are having their way with her. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘The Butler did it.’”