The Simple Life

Clyde had been a mountain man for almost all of his 83 years. With his hands crippled by arthritis, old Clyde was having a hard time keeping his larder full. That’s when he caught a magic talking fish, a fish who offered to make Clyde young and strong again, If he’d let her go.

Clyde offered to make the deal, provide the fish would make him a young woman instead of a man; he said he wanted something new in life. The fish agreed and the deal was struck.

Now, Claudia has taken over. She still has a lot of old Clyde’s habits, like bathing in the river nude, fishing, hunting, and living in the great outdoors with a minimum of modern technology. She also has her own reality show – turns out people would much rather watch a woman living in the wild with no clothes, rather than a man.

Claudia is being paid the big bucks for living the simple life.