His Dream Girl

Ken had always had trouble getting pretty girls to go out with him. His rich grandmother decided to help him. She consulted Madame Olga and bought Ken a necklace to help him on his dates.

“Ken,” she said, “place this necklace on your date, and no matter how homely she looks, she will morph into the woman of your dreams.”

Ken thanked his grandmother for her marvelous gift, and went off to college. A few weeks later, Ken decided to send his grandmother a picture of his dream girl.

“Hold still Kendra,” said his boyfriend Darrel. “That’s a great pose. We don’t want to show the old girl too much, or she’ll flip out. After all, she’s your grandmother.”

Kendra just smiled, and moved closer to the plant. She knew Darrel would follow up her photo session with some hot sex. “Thanks grandmother,” she purred.