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Permanent Possession

“That’s it then; I've burned the spell I managed to write in her blood, and made my possession of Janice permanent. No more having to gather components when I did manage to possess her body. No more being flung back into my sick fat geeky body when her hair and nails were completely consumed. I’m free of all that.

Of course my folks will find me in a coma, and have to deal with my old body, but that’s their problem. I’ll have a new mommy and daddy who live in Europe 10 months of the year, and let their precious Janice do whatever she wants.

I have her surface memories and her diaries to help me go unnoticed, not that it really matters. The way she ran through boyfriends, who’s there to figure out she’s changed? Sorry Janice, the only reason anyone played at being your friend was your money and your looks. Hell, that’s the only reason I was attracted to you.

I know I can do a better job living your life than you did.”