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Once a Lawyer Always a Lawyer

“You may not think that much of my choice of Rachel here as a new body after driving the magic taxi for 4 months. But she’s pretty, she’s young, and she’s passed the New York Bar exam. Before my stint as a Taxi Driver, I was one of the best Divorce Lawyers on the East coast. I could protect a man’s assets or carve him up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Yes, the person who took over my life quit practicing law; he didn't know what I know. But I just live to go into a courtroom and tear people up on the stand. So now, here I've got years of experience and dirty tricks in this sweet innocent package. I know just the things to say to women to gain their confidence, and I’m going to have even more fun sticking it to men who should know better.

I'm going to clean up and have fun doing it. Plus Rachel's memories show that the sex with all these alpha males is pretty good too. So for me: Once a lawyer, always a lawyer.”