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The Ultra-Babe Protocol

Gavin was a science geek with a real problem. He was tired of not getting any dates. Hay, maybe he didn't have any muscles, and girls just laughed at him; he knew he could parley his research into nano-bots into some physical improvements for himself and his nerd friends.

When his friend Darrel managed to score a supply of proto-type nano-bots from a research lab; Gavin knew he was close. He’d developed two enhancement protocols: Macho-man, designed to give a geek like him the body of a male hunk; and Ultra-babe, designed to turn any girl into a sexual wild woman with stripper’s tits.

He’d prepared a dose of Ultra-babe bots to give to Cathy, a girl in his class as his test subject, when a couple of jocks broke into his lab and dosed him with his own sample.

When Gavin woke up hours later, he called up Darrel on Skype and begged him to come over. Apparently, the Ultra-babe protocol makes you really really Horney.