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Dr Jekyll's Serum is Stolen

Ava had worked as a lowly tech at the lab where Dr. Jekyll had perfected her Bio-enhancement serum. And, with her forced retirement coming up, she had to act quickly. She managed to break into the storage area where Ms Jekyll kept her notes and current supply of serum, and inject herself with the stuff.

The cameras were turned off in this lab, or the security guards would have been party to a strange sight; a broken down wrinkled 70 year old woman rolling on the floor as her body morphed and shifted as 40 years fell away. Ava’s skin grew firm and her breast lifted up on her chest. Her waist grew trim and her caves and buttocks filled out. Her face grew smooth and wrinkle free and her eyes became clear and sparkling.

Ava got to her feet and checked herself out. She had never looked this good, even in her youth. The serum had made her the kind of hot babe that she’d looked like only in her wildest dreams. Grabbing Dr. Jekyll’s files and the container of serum, she ran out into the night, never to be heard from again, at least in her own name.