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Body Hopping Gone Bad

“I have this really bad habit of body hopping girls, and then leaving them in embarrassing situations. I've had other body hoppers get on me for it, saying it’s juvenile and tends to get the authorities looking for magical possessions. I just can’t help myself. The look on those girl’s faces when they find themselves sitting naked on a park bench in broad daylight, or pulling their shirt open in the stands of a baseball game is priceless.

Best of all is when I've hopped a really pretty girl, gone out for great sex, and then left her disrobed with no clue what she’s been doing or how she got there. And when their boyfriends and parents hear about it, well let’s just say I've gotten more girls into rehab than you can count; Most of them totally innocent.

So if your girlfriend or daughter has a sudden case of public lewdness, coupled with blackouts, don’t blame her. It’s probably a case of body hopping gone bad.”