Caretaker's Reward

“I was a beach comber back in the sixties, bagging seashells, sea glass, and other treasures, and picking up the trash and litter that follows mankind everywhere. I've kept at it, even though my nephews have tried to put me in a home to rot away somewhere. Then yesterday, I found this necklace washed up on shore. I hadn't planned to put it on, but something made me put it around my neck.

I felt this pain, beginning in my groin, and then running up the rest of my body. I fell to my knees, and reached as my body burned and shifted. I grew smaller and rounder, my flesh filling out. Breast sprouted on my chest, and my hair grew out and filled in. When, the pain subsided, I got to my feet and took stock of myself.

I’d turned into a girl, a beautiful tanned goddess like I use to look at forty years ago. I guess Mother Nature decided to reward me for all those years of looking after her beaches. I’m going to go see about scrounging some clothes and finding some company for tonight – some young male company.”