But Can She Act

The sister fates, three sisters who pooled their resources to take dying people and help them achieve new lives and identities by matching them with recently deceased young people, and using the magic typewriter to alter reality and fit them in. Joyce, the hospice worker, had an unusual case that she wanted to try and help.

Ron had been a relatively famous Porn Star back in the day before age, and a couple of heart attacks had forced him into retirement. Ron had something almost no one in porn had – he could actually act. He had the kind of charisma that let him talk his way into anything, and had managed to talk Joyce into going to bat for him. Jeanine did have a Porn Star who had just died, a young woman who had OD’ed on drugs, apparently by accident. Would Ron consider changing sexes to get back in the game? Ron was more than willing. Apparently women in the Porn game made more money than men anyway.

So now Ronnie has made a miraculous recovery and is back on the set. And the producers can’t get enough of the new Ronnie; she’s just as hot as she ever was and now, she’s got some real stage presence; the girl has really learned how to act.