Belated Gift

Jane looked carefully at the small jewelry box with the green lid which she’d received as her inheritance from her great uncle Edgar. Rumor was that he’d had millions of dollars stashed in offshore bank accounts, but so far, none of her relatives had been able to find any papers concerning the money.

Edgar had some truly strange hobbies, including black magic which he’d spent his money on in life, so a lot of the family was glad to see him dead and buried. Jane had never been close to the old man, but she was glad for the bequest, figuring at least she got something out of him. She opened the box, and looked at the heavy silver pin inside. Reaching for it, she managed to prick her finger and draw blood. Without even thinking about it, she sucked on the tiny wound.

Suddenly, her sight dimmed, and some malign force held her body stiff – she was paralyzed. Jane felt a presence, flooding her mind, first a trickle, and then a flood as her great uncle Edgar possessed her and forced her down into darkness.

“So Jane, you finally opened my little gift. And it’s a good thing too, another week and I wouldn't have been able to come back. Now let’s get your computer and check on my money. We have some changes to make in your life.”