As happens with all things, the criminal element learned about professor Jefferies research with the Alien Morphic Adaption Unit. In this case one George La Fay, a clever retired cat burglar, heard of the mal-functioning device, and decided to use it to his advantage.

Easily bypassing security, he powered up the machine and programmed it to transform him into a copy of Gina, a young female contortionist and gymnast. The MAU continued to mal-function, producing four Gina’s from a single George. The new Gina and her sisters were unfazed, for they had planned for this contingency.

Now, a new master criminal is haunting the streets, committing thefts in art galleries, jewelry stores, and apartments of the rich. She has managed to keep her face from becoming known, and has eluded capture for months. One of the reasons for this is that Gina has created a persona of twin sisters, Gina and Georgette, who frequent the club scene and seem to be always on camera when the robberies take place.

With four copies to share the jobs, they have been able to completely confuse the police and always have a rock solid alibi. So until one of them is caught, this team of thieving quadruplets will run everyone ragged.