Reformed Logger

“I used to not give a hoot about the forest I worked in; just point me at the trees, and tell me which way you want them to fall. Looking at me now, you’d never guess that I’d been a big old burly lumberjack until yesterday.

That’s when the dyad queen decided to make an example of me. I was all ready to take down her personal tree, when she cast her spell. I fell to the earth like I’d been chopped down, and started to shrink. It felt like someone was using a chainsaw on me, the pain was so intense.

My bones cracked and shifted; my body hair fell off, and I grew weak and petite. My hair turned a bright orange read, and my skin grew pale, like I’d never been in the sun. And my jeans and shirt turned into a little short green backless dress that barely covered anything.

And when we were done, I sat down grabbed my knees and cried. I was one with the forest now, and I felt all the pain and anguish I’d caused. So please don’t cut down the trees; I’ll do anything you’d like if you’ll leave my trees alone.”