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Removing the Competition

The last thing Gerald remembered was having a drink at the bar with a beautiful raven haired woman. Now he was bound and groggy, kneeling on the floor. “You won’t get away with this. I have friends in Law enforcement.”

“Gerald, my name is Mistress Dawn, and you have been a very bad boy. In fact, you've been so bad that one of my clients paid me to do this.” Reaching in her pocket, she pulled out a bottle of some vile pink concoction and poured it on Gerald’s head and face.

“Arrragh,” Gerald screamed as the potion burned him. His body felt odd, like his bones had all turned to jelly. He fell to the ground in pain, before passing out. Unconscious, he missed the shrinking of his body from a tall athletic 6’ 2” down to a slender 5’ 4”. His skin grew creamy and pale; his hair changed to ash blonde, and grew some inches on his head. Ripping away his clothes showed his waist had become thin and girlish, and his proud foot long penis was nowhere in sight. And finally, a curvy set of breast had sprouted from his chest.

“Leah, Constance, please get the former Gerald dressed and made up for his photo op. We must show the client that his competitor has been changed for the better. Perhaps he’ll even take her off my hands, if he’ll meet my price.”