Get Better At This

“Oh man, why does it have to end? Just when I was all set to get dressed and go out for seconds, my possession spell ran out. Ginger is the hottest little ride I've found yet. I've just got to get better at this.

Ever since I found I could read grandmother’s old grimores, I knew I’d been lucky and gotten the witch blood gene. I know it’s really rare for boys to have it, much less to start coming in to my powers at 13. But now that I know what I can do, I just can’t wait. The book says that possession spell can last for twelve hours, but all I've managed so far is about four.

Still, four hours as Ginger on a date, with making out at the end is like four hours of heaven. The first time I managed to possess her during sex, I couldn't keep riding her after the orgasm; she literally blew me away. I’ll bet that was a weird way to come out of a blackout.

I've just got to keep studying and practicing; I can do this! Just think man, twelve whole hours, a whole night wearing Ginger; what more could any young Warlock want.”