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Don't Break Up the Party

“Oh Boy, or rather Oh girl; five minutes with Jessica’s panties and the Medallion of Zulo and I've got her rack, and all the rest of the package. The first time I used the medallion to become a girl was on a dare from my brother Tommy. He figured I’d have problems with being a girl and all. Actually, it was no big deal until I discovered little Jessica is a sexual dynamo. When she comes, the floodgates open in waves.

Soon, I started making a habit of it, buying some clothes to wear as her, and making excuses for avoiding going out with Tommy and the gang. Then, I got found out. I ran into Tommy in a club as Jessica when he knew she was out of town.

So tonight, we’re going out together, Tommy and me. Just as soon as I take him the medallion and let him change into Candy, Jessica’s best friend. Well it’s only right that we don’t break up our regular party night.”