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The Slime Takes Possession

Janice was all set for a hot bath to get ready for her date with Bryan another blue blood from her set when a mass of green slime jetted up out of the drain like a fountain. She stepped back towards the door when the goo twisted in the air and splashed right in her face and chest. Startled, she fell to her knees and tried to ward the stuff away from her mouth. Suddenly, she was paralyzed, and felt some malevolent spirit coursing into her mind. The slime coalesced and streamed into her, gagging and choking her into unconsciousness.

Tommy felt his vision clear, the green tent giving way to clear sight. He reached up and caressed Janice’s breast, now his breast and felt the firm heft of them in her hands. “So, Janice has a date with that rich stud Brian tonight. I think I’ll keep that date and see just what he can do. Janice wasn’t going to go all the way tonight, but then I’m not Janice; or rather I’m only Janice on the outside.

This girl’s got way too much going for her to be a prick teaser. After all, what’s the fun of being in the driver’s seat if you can’t go the distance?”

The slime has taken another victim.