Animal Lover

“Wow, no dick – that transformation spell that those women typed for me really worked. It’s strange to go from sitting at home in hospice care to the deck of some rich man’s house in Malibu. I know I’m just the house sitter here, but what a bonus. I get to be young and healthy again and enjoy some of the trappings of wealth.

And next week, when I go back to veterinary school, I’ll be all set to finish up and go back to doing what I love most – caring for peoples pets. What’s a little matter of changing sexes for an opportunity like that? Besides, if the signals I’m getting from this body are any indication, sex is going to be a whole lot better than it’s been in years.

See what being a good and caring person can do for you. Of course it does help if some of your patients happen to have a little magic to help you out.”