“I’m Arnold Snoggs, a 58 year old science teacher and black market magic item dealer. When a couple of my rich male students wanted to buy some potions, I told them I could put them in contact with someone. Then I dug out my Costume Gun and went to borrow Jennifer Elkins, the manager of the ‘Crazy Horse’ and reportedly a C.I. for the Police.

I zapped her and watched her deflate into a pile of girl flesh, and then slipped her over my hefty frame. I never get tired of watching my breast fill out, and my fat frame dwindling down to her cute curves. When I finished changing, I put on her bikini bottom and her low cut shirt and then I called my students to set up the buy.

Using Jennifer gives me leverage in making the sale. The rich boys know who she is, and that she’s protected, so they won’t mess with her, and in sales of this kind, a girl can always get a better price out some guy than I can. And as Jennifer, I can be a bit of a tease. And after we’re done, no one’s the wiser and no one can point the finger at old Arnold.

Plus who wouldn't want to spend a few hours as a hot babe like Jennifer.”