Leaving the City

“Walk away from the Taxi. I am so glad to be on the street, out of that fat ass taxi drivers body. Heather here fit my criteria perfectly. She’s young, healthy, has some trust fund income, and doesn't live in this dam city.

I am so tired of New York, tiered of being dumped on, the whole thing. Hell, I never would have been caught by the Magic Taxi if my girlfriend hadn't just broken up with me. I know the stories. I know to stay out of a dirty yellow cab with a fat Italian driver who won’t meet your eyes. I know better, but I wasn't thinking, so I put my rich young male butt in the one place I couldn't buy myself out of.

And I’m sorry for Heather’s boyfriend, but if he wants to live in this city, he’s going to do it without me. Screw the roses, I’m moving to San Francisco.”