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The Slime Breaks Out

“When I was 15, I found I could turn into some kind of black slime creature. I could crawl through the tiniest crack under a door, or work my way through a drain. I have some kind of visual sense that lets me see where I’m going, and hearing to know what’s going on around me.

Naturally, I started spying on girls to see them naked like any red blooded 15 Year old would. That’s when I discovered my real power – I could ooze into a girls mouth or pussy and possess her, instantly learning her thoughts and secrets in a matter of seconds.

At first, I was going to go public with my powers, but I quickly realized I’d have much more fun possessing rich hot chicks, and using their bodies as my own. Here’s a picture I managed to catch with my time delay camera of me climbing into Stacy’s mouth to possess her. I think the look of disbelief on her face as I take control is just priceless.

Be careful all you hot girls out there, the slime is ready to take you out tonight.”