Public Fare

“Well at least I’m not driving that cab anymore. I was all set to take the life of my fare, a rich male real estate mogul, when he pulls over and has a girl get in the cab to give him a blow job, right there in traffic. So the girl finishes, and we pull up to his stop. I look at him and say have a nice day to trip the spell.

Then for some reason he dives back in the cab. I guess he left something on the seat. So to make a long story short, I end up in the girl’s body instead.

Jenifer here is a nice enough girl, she has a number of regular clients and all, but she had this strange fetish of doing sex in public. She gets turned on by people seeing her doing guys in cabs and parks; she even got caught once in the public library between the stacks.

I guess it’s a good thing one of her regulars is a lawyer and she has friends on the police force, though the idea of sex in the back of a cop car with the sirens blaring isn't my idea of a good time.”