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I Don't Date Toads

“Sally Owens sister Jessica is a single mom raising two young kids while working in the family herb shop. She’s also a powerful witch, but she is sort of in the closet about it. She’s trying to date and figures a single mom with kids is handicap enough. All kinds of guys want to date her; I mean the girl’s a 10 in anyone’s book. But for some reason she just hasn't found the right guy yet.

George went on a couple of dates with Jessica before she discovered he was cheating on his wife. When he came for the third date, she pointed a finger at him and said, “I don’t date Toads like you that cheat on their wives. Go find a pond or something.”

As he got in his car to leave, George was hit by a horrible wave of pain. His body crunched and morphed; his dick shriveled up and his hair fell out. His skin grew all patchy and leather like and green and yellow patches formed across his face. His clothes rotted away and fell off him leaving a naked female body, perhaps 4’ tall, and looking for all the world like a diseased old lady toad. Horrified, George opened his mouth to scream, but all that came out was “Creeeep.”