Good Service is What We're All About

“Jason, I’m sorry but when a client pays me to make someone disappear, they disappear. Besides, you wouldn't want to try to go to court and try your case looking like that would you? I’m afraid my medallion fixed you where no one will believe your Jason Seaquest, chief prosecutor in the Ramco case. But not to worry, my assistant is now an exact copy of the old you, and he’ll take care of everything for you.

And I think we found the perfect look for the new you; that red hair and piercings just screams little servant to me. Anyway Mr. Ramco surpassed all other bidders for your services, so perhaps he’ll keep you abreast of how the trial’s going; or maybe not.

Now, before the other spell kicks in and your mind goes all mushy about your past life, I just want you to know there’s nothing personal about any of this. I just provide a service for big bad corporations and criminals who need a little help taking care of crusading do gooders like you. So Jason dear, I want you to have a nice life, and be a good little girl for Mr. Ramco. After all, good service is what we’re all about.”