“Oh I just love that sad puppy dog look these CEO Assholes get after they've been changed. It’s like they’re so sorry for all the trouble they caused fleecing their employees and investors out of millions so they could live like kings while letting their companies go in the toilet.

And everyone is going to be so surprised when they find the money you embezzled so easily. The fact that you recorded all your account numbers and passwords on a document that got sent to the police may even make some people think you had second thoughts. Of course, when I threatened to change you into an ugly old hag with health problems instead of a pretty girl; maybe that helped you with your decision.

Now Mr. Andrews, your new owner, Mistress Elle is very particular that her pets not go in the house. I suggest you should be on your best behavior for her. If she gives a good report of you, we’ll see about reversing your muteness and letting you talk again.

And don’t worry about who’s paying me, we witches don’t like our investments to be mishandled, and our lawyers assured me that my reduced rate would be paid. Though to see you brought down, I might have done this one for free.”