Girls Can't Drive

James was trying to get home and change so he could go out clubbing. He assumed the car ahead of him would go through the yellow light, so when it stopped he ended up rear ending them – a woman and her two young kids. James just lost it and started chewing her out. “Hay, who let you out driving bitch; you obviously don’t know jack about going in traffic. And who’s going to pay for my car?”

Jessica the witch first checked to see that her kids were alright before grabbing her wand and stepping out of the car. “You idiot,” she cried, “We could have all been killed. Just because you’re in a hurry…”

James got a look at the woman he’d struck and reeled his act in. “Pretty lady, I’m sorry about tapping your car. Just trying get ready to go out and party; Give the girls what their looking for.”

“Oh, well in that case, I’ll just fix the damage and we’ll be on our way.” She cast a spell and both cars were good as new. “Now James, why don’t you go and give the girls some of this,” Jessica said, casting one last spell.”

James didn’t remember the drive home, or even the accident. And she has no clue where her clothes went, or how she got home. After all, stupid girls like her don’t know how to drive.