Containment Failure

“How long ago was Dr. Armstrong exposed to the feminizing agent,” asked Dr. Clarkson, checking the bio readings again?

“About six hours sir; Has he stopped changing yet?”

“No Captain, he’s still morphing in there. The affects have slowed down in the last hour, but breast growth has continued, and he continues to show signs of delirium. It’s like she’s in some kind of chemically induced heat, clawing at the walls of the containment cell trying to get at us.”

“Anything more we can do Doctor?”

“We’ll continue to draw blood for testing every 30 minutes or so, and wait it out. Hopefully she’ll stabilize.”

“Wait sir, what’s that sweet smell in the air, I don’t recognize it.”

“Oh god, there must be a leak in the containment system. She must be producing pheromones on a massive scale. We've got to get out of here before someone is overcome and let’s her out. No Jefferies get away from that door man. You mustn’t...”

The containment door popped open; Armstrong stepped into the room, and the concentrated musk of six hours of lust hit everyone like a poleax. At last, she was free, and the men were hers for the taking.