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NFFL Star Heather 'The Amazon' Grimes

The National Female Football League which formed after the Great Shift had a number of Ex Pro Football players make second careers for themselves, but none were bigger off the field than Heather ‘The Amazon’ Grimes, formerly Hank Grimes, a 68 year old Ex Tight End of the Baltimore Colts. Hank lucked out and was shifted into the body of a six foot two inch female volleyball player and sometime runway model.

Heather leads the league in catches and poster sales, a combination which has a number of potential sponsors, and her agent thrilled. The big girl just takes it in stride; at her age she figures she’d seen it all, though having guys hit on her is something new. She likes a little role playing in her sex life, so if you’re into chicks with swords and leather armor, Heather might be right for you.