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Costume Gun 'Sniper Edition'

“Arnold Snoggs here, a 58 year old fat bald science teacher who sells magic Items on the side. I've got to tell you about this. One of my suppliers got his hands on the new Costume Gun Mark IV; the sniper version. It lets you target a girl, line of site up to 3000 feet, and zap her at a distance. There’s no deflation and putting on of the skin, the gun transfers your target directly onto your body, clothes and all. Just a few seconds of disorientation, and your done, ready to wine, dine and party.

You can put her back on the street just as easily in reverse mode. No muss, no fuss, and no danger of being caught. I tried it on a girl across the street getting ready to go out, and you can see the result.

I don’t know though, I kind of like the morphing of your body, watching those perky boobs pop out. Besides, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Where’s the sport in that. Not that I can afford one of these babies, but you’ve got to admit, for getting a chance to wear some high risk ultra hot target babe, it’s kind of fun.”