It Will All Come Back to You

“You’re a hard man to get a hold of Mr. Barkley. My clients had no idea you had an escape plan lined up. Or that you had people who would actually make a major effort to find a certain Confidential Informant when he suddenly disappeared. I had to use the medallion on you and change you into someone else.

Surprisingly, it’s much easier to make a woman no one is looking for disappear than a male federal witness. In just a few minutes after the mental components kick in, I can remove the restraints and we can send you on your way. I have a nice brothel all lined up for you to work in.

I've been promised that you’ll remember everything in the back of your mind. That there’ll be some little piece of you screaming inside – I was James Barkley, an important man. But you won’t remember any of this consciously for years.

Then, one day when you least expect it, it will all come back to you, perhaps in the middle of servicing some john. God I hope so. Good buy for now James. Sweet dreams.”