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I'll Never Sell My Costume Gun

“You've got to admit, this little plastic gun is a game changer. A perfectly practical magic item, which lets fat old perverts like me, Arnold Snoggs, become hot cute girls like Melissa here, all with one little squeeze of the trigger, and about three or four minutes of morphing once you put on their skin.

The Costume Gun is easy to use, doesn’t show up on metal detectors, and can be easily hidden on your person. Unless like Melissa here, you aren't wearing anything at all; an oversight I plan to remedy as soon as I finish taking pictures of myself.

I've got to admit, I’m completely addicted to this thing. I just love the way those girl skins morph my fat old body into someone that looks and feels like this. And sex as a young girl is simply unbelievable. Once you've had multiple orgasms for the first time, you are hooked my friend.

I've got to tell you, I sell all kinds of black market magic items, but I’ll never sell my Costume Gun, to me it’s priceless.”