Magician's Trunk

Old Man Motley had been a famous collector of Cursed or otherwise magical items of every description. When he vanished back in the 1960’s, his estate was a mess. Relatives tied up his possessions in probate for almost 50 years. Now many of those items have found their way onto the market.

Jeff was intrigued by the old magicians’ trunk. It had supposedly been part of the apparatus used in a quick exchange trick where the magician and his assistant traded places. He bought it, and brought it home to show his girlfriend Stacy.

On a dare, Stacy tied his hands behind his back and put Jeff in the trunk, locking the lid. Then, she stood on top of the trunk and counted down from ten. Laughing, she opened the trunk to let Jeff out.

Surprise; Jeff looks just like Stacy. Now we know how the first half of the trick worked. I think Stacy and her twin are going to need help.