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This Curse is Not So Bad

"This were-woman curse is not so bad," offered John, putting his hands on his creamy white thighs. "Yes I know, during the full Moon, I have crazy desires for wild rough sex, practically devouring any man I can lay my hands on, but the rest of the month, I can control it.

And let's face it, when you're a fat, balding slob during the daylight hours, and you can turn into a hot chick at night; is that such a high price to pay? What are three or four nights out of the month when you're out of control compared to 25 nights a month of looking like this.

The sex is awesome, and the chance to flirt and tease hot guys that look down on me during the day, kind of makes payback a great thing. I've taken to sleeping during the day, and living my life strictly at night.

I just wish I could find some way to make the curse permanent so I could look like this all the time, then my life would be complete."