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Why Dont You Try It

Sally Owens and her sister Jessica, the witches who ran the Herb Shop were in the bar having an after dinner drink when a disturbance broke out. The chunky well endowed barmaid had been delivering drinks to a table of drunken guys when she’d slipped and dropped her tray, splashing beer on George, and his cronies.

“Hay porker, what gives,” George whined. “Those melons of yours make you top heavy? Can’t keep from falling over?” The table laughed and the girl ran for the kitchen. “What I want to know is how come this place can’t hire any hot barmaids? Hell those old gals in the booth over there look better than the talent in this dump.”

Sally got up and walked over to George’s table. “You think it’s easy to be a barmaid in a place like this full of drunken assholes? Well then, why don’t you try it?”

George felt his body turn to jelly and fell to the floor. Amazingly, his friends didn’t notice anything wrong. George felt himself shrinking down to a chunky 5’ 4”. His hair lengthened and two massive tits grew on his chest. His clothes changed into a white string top and shorts. And when she climbed to her feet, a small apron like the other barmaid wore popped into place.

“Hay Georgia, get your ass over here,” said one of the boys left at the table. “I want to stare at your big old melons while I order.”