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Horseplay Not Allowed

“Carl, I told you no horseplay in the pool. I told you my Aunt Sally the witch had put a curse on it to punish anyone who threw someone in, or went after a girl’s suit. But no, you had to push Mindy in the pool, and then you had to untie her top so she flashed everybody.

Now I guess it’s your turn. I’ll see if I can scrounge a girl’s suit for you, or at least a towel. I think if you stay out of mischief maybe Aunt Sally will change you back when everyone’s gone. Otherwise, she’ll change your parents’ memories and leave you as a girl for a while.

You don’t want that. If she’s punishing you, I’m sure your period will start tomorrow. So get your act together and apologize, or you’re in for a long and painful week.”