Reality Show Ghost

A reality show had rented the old Motley mansion for a ‘Stay the Week in a Haunted House’ show. The guests were checking out the house while being followed by camera crews in turn showing where they planned to hole up that night. Darrel, a science nerd who professed not to believe in ghost or paranormal activity, was checking out some rooms on the third floor when he ran into a woman carrying a candelabrum.

“Who are you,” he asked? ‘I thought I knew everyone on the show.”

“Oh, you wouldn't know me,” she said approaching him. “I’m just here to educate you. You see Darrel, ghost are real. Here let me show you.” Putting down her candles, Lady Chatterley’s ghost flowed over him like a cold dense fog. Seeping into the pores of his skin, the ghost froze the morrow in his bones, and began to transform Darrel into her own lovely image. His hair lengthened and turned auburn, his dick melted away, his hips widened, and his waist thinned. His clothes transformed into a pale lavender dress, and his shoes into well formed high heels.

Smiling at herself in the dusty mirror, Lady Chatterley picked up the candles and made her way towards the stairs. “Darrel, you’re in for a treat. I’m going to go find that hansom host of your TV show, and give him some proof of what a ghost can really do. And you get to learn all about sex as a woman. Because I’m going to let you watch. Come on now, it’s ShowTime.”