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Once You've Had Female You Never Go Back

Here’s Professor Grison standing in front of his theoretical solution to the nano-bot programming problem. For the first six years of the project, all successful nano-bot programming involved using a female DNA matrix as the final result. The instability of the XY chromosome pair simply made using it in bot programming unreliable.

In the future, it will be possible to have the nano-bots produce male human bodies as easily as female bodies. Professor Grigson, now 89 had female nano-bot rejuvenation almost five years ago in the early stages of successful procedures. Hell we had to keep the old fart alive to work on the project.

When told he would have the option of using the new procedure and becoming male again, Grigson just laughed and said “After you’ve been female and sexually active, you’ll never go back. You couldn't pay me enough to give up this body.”

In fact, all of the successful female rejuvenations turned the project down flat.