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Beginnings of Bikini Beach

A powerful coven of New England witches decided to help the economy in their community by enchanting a beach area such that men who came there could experience life as a woman during their stay there. The spell was in two parts; the local waters would affect the change, but would require the presence of the beach sand to activate the spell. Of course, with any spell of this magnitude there were loopholes, in this case persons affected by the waters without the beach sand.

David Comings was driving through the costal roads of Cape Cod one night, when a powerful storm blew up and rain poured down on him. Then to make matters worse, a tire blew out, forcing him to stop. Desperate to get going again, David went for his spare and started to change his tire, getting drenched in the process.

Suddenly, David felt his body morphing in pain. He dropped the tire iron from wet shrinking hands. His shirt melted away and his clothes reformed as a red backless dress. His body shrank and his manhood disappeared. His hair lengthened and his skin grew hairless and smooth.

It turns out that David was one of those individuals who the spell water would affect without the presence of the beach. David was stuck as a woman, and Bikini Beach had their first lawsuit on their hands.