Nature Activist

“I was Clide Barrow, a retired water quality specialist for the forestry service. I still had this deep attachment to nature and her streams and water courses. In fact I spent many weekends trekking through the California woodlands, draw to the beauty and essence of Mother Nature.

I guess the ancient dyads sensed that I was a kindred spirit. One Saturday, I was drawn deep into the very heart of the woods, to a perfect unspoiled spring. Voices in my head bade me drink, and I did.

A cold pure essence filled me, and began to change me. I watched my wrinkled hands shrink and grow small and smooth. My body grew cold, and then warm as it morphed, my waist shrinking, and my height dwindling. My grey hair darkened, and grew out several inches. My face became smooth and feminine. My clothing fell away, revealing my petite young form which the dyads had given me.

For a number of days, I joined them in their revelry, but eventually I knew I had to return, and pick up the task of protecting these woods from modern man’s world. So now I’m Carla Barrow, tree hugger and nature activist. And I’ll do anything and anyone to protect these lands.”